Should I watch "Luck"?

HBO’s series “Luck” ended its run last night…I saw some of the pilot and it looked like the kind of thing I’d enjoy.

I know a second season was approved but then cancelled due to safety/welfare concerns after some horses died during production…does the first season work as a satisfying, stand-alone story?

I’m not through the entire season yet, but in an article about the cancellation Alan Sepinwall said that the season mostly works on its own with very few loose threads.

I hear that if you can get past the first four eps, it’s not bad. I couldn’t get that far.

The first three episodes were slow, and then it really got going in the 4th and was great since then. I’m very disappointed that there won’t be more seasons.

Haven’t watched the season finale so I can’t comment on how well the season functions as a story, but it seems like there will be plenty of loose ends.

Is it cancelled? I really liked Luck. Thought it was wonderful.

Yes, after three horses died on set.

I couldn’t say it better myself. It starts very slowly, then really gets going. I enjoyed the series finale, but I really think it showed promise, and would have gladly watched a second season.

I’m torn on the ratings vs. horse issue. I personally believe that it ultimately was the low ratings that lead to its demise and the horses’ deaths served as a perfect pretense to stop production.

It’s unfortunate that it had such low ratings- it wasn’t an easy show to get into but I felt it was rewarding. I think it’s worth watching the entire season just for performances, especially of the gambling pals and the trainer played by Nick Nolte. The racing segments were well done and I hope I see the actor that played Turo more often.

I definitely don’t regret watching the series. Although the plot does start to really get going towards the end, it was the characters and visuals that made the show. I’d recommend watching the show on reruns week by week rather than all at once. The show’s pace doesn’t lend itself well to watching it all in one or two sitting.