Riches on FX

Was it renewed, and if so when does it return?

Good heavens, you scared me. I thought I had missed the season premiere. It was renewed as far as I’ve heard, but I’m not sure if it’s scheduled yet.

Google says that it hasn’t officially been renewed or cancelled. It’s in good tv show limbo, I guess. It’s still listed on the FX website, but no information about when the third season starts.

Here’s the online petition to bring it back for a third season. Ratings weren’t good for the second season (which was cut short anyway by the writers strike) so FX may not think it’s worth it.

Minnie Driver was pregnant. Maybe that didn’t fit into the script?

Aw, Hell. I was hoping for better news.

Not worth starting a new thread, since there are only a handful of us that apparently liked the show. It’s been cancelled. Allegedly due to low ratings. Which, given the extraordinary participation in this thread alone, I find very hard to believe…

Argh! F’n hell.

I just finished downloading and watching all of the last season from iTunes.

So much unresolved.


Crud. Despite gaping plot holes, it was enjoyable to watch, because of the characters.


Well, I guess there’s no rush to watch the episodes languishing on my TiVo.


Aw hell. I was loving this show. It airs some weeks later in Canada and as I was watching last night, I noticed a promo for a new show in The Riches slot next week. So I’m thinking, is this the season finale? After only five or six episodes? The plot was pretty thick with development. I assumed it was.

Now to find out it won’t be back…my life is somewhat de-richened. Sorry for that.

But, but…I have to know how it ends!! sobs

Crap, crap, crap. :mad:

Whatever happened to letting a show find its audience?? Some of the most successful TV shows in history – from Hill Street Blues to Seinfeld – had TERRIBLE ratings their first year. But noooo, it’s all about ratings these days, it’s all about instant gratification.

I sure hope they rebroadcast the 2nd season or release it on DVD…

Dammit, that was one of the best things on television. :mad:

I always figured Wayne would kill whats-his-name, or perhaps more elegantly frame him for some crime against the other travelers so that they would kill him.

Ah, well.

If only HBO or Showtime picked it up. It would be nice to see them be able to really let loose with the “adult” language and such.

You have chosen your user name well.
Use the Force.

I agree. It was always a bit too restrained for me; it was good, but on the wrong side of lunacy, if you know what I mean. I’d have liked to see it tip straight over the edge, which maybe it could do on cable.

I thought it was a great 30 minute show. I lost interest around the 5th or 6th episode when I realized that it sucked as an hour long show.