Should Lithium Be Added To The Public Water Supply?

It has long been known that lithium is a cure for severe depression…and depression afflicts one in three Americans. So why not add sufficent lithium to the water, so that eeverybody is happy? Fluoride has been added to the water for years…and it has greatly reduced the incidence of dental caries. So, why not help prevent the extremely criipling condition of mental depression?

Bad Idea

Lithium can also interfere with thyroid hormone production. Administering it willy-nilly without proper testing would be disastrous.


They say if you hang out on the SDMB long enough you’ll see everything. They were right. We’ve got here a real-live conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

Someone call Slim Pickens. He’ll know what to do.

Lithium in the water supply’s a bad idea, but I’m a strong supporter of the aerial spraying of Haldol.

And soma. Give me lots of soma. Daily rations maybe even.

Gee, let’s all take a soma vacation! It’s safe a helicopters.

I’m glad I’m a Beta.

Nameless: get out of my mind. :slight_smile:

Also, the phrase is "safe as helicopters, for Ford’s sake!

Would these be black helicopters by any chance?

That seems like a lot of bother. Lets all just move to
BD+233912. The planets there should already have lithium in the water supply.

According to this site, depression affects about 20 million Americans. That’s not even close to one in three.


Granted these fish live in water downstream from a sewage plant and not in public drinking water supplies, but it looks like we may just be on our way to having anti-depressants in our drinking water, intentionally or not.

Whoops! 20 million *adults.*Still, that’s in a nation of 300 million people.

You can’t just dump something in the water supply because it mgight be good if taken in pill form. Not every drug works well with every delivery method: flouride only happens to work well that way. But you couldn’t do the same with, say, prozac.

Of course, I know nothing about lithium in particular, I’m just syaing we can’t jut assume that it would be a good additive.

Also, doesn’t lithium, er, not like water all that much? The chemical we should be looking at is Lithium carbonate, right, and they only call it lithium for short?

Everyone knows the solution is to put LSD in the water, then cart off the old people and keep them permanently trippin’.

Well, do they have 1920’s style “Death Rays” mounted on the side?

Not lithium, dilithium you fools!!!

And make sure its in a proper crystalline form.

Certainly doctors won’t be prescribing pellets of metallic lithium washed down with a glass of water.

Supposedly lithium carbonate was in the fountains of youth in Florida that Desoto never found.

Yes, but just throwing it in the water supply is not exactly the greatest idea either. :slight_smile: