Should my cell phone be full duplex all the time?

Cuz it sure isn’t. I have an iPhone 4, and every once in a while, I get full duplex.

Most of the time, only one person can speak at a time. It’s driving me nuts.

I live in the middle of nowhere, and I’m on AT&T. We just got 3G here, and I was hoping it’d fix things, but so far, nope.

I don’t deal with the radio protocols that handle audio at all, but I’ve rarely experienced half-duplex audio on any of the phones I’ve used or made.
Sometimes, cell configuration can cause problems like that - you could try reporting it to your carrier.

Speakerphone or handset mode?
Handset is always full duplex, speakerphone/handsfree generally isn’t.

Seems like everything is half duplex. But I’ll have to check - I do use a bluetooth thingamajig, maybe that’s my issue.

The only full-duplex cell phone speakerphone I’m aware of is the old Samsung BlackJack II. I’ve used it exclusively for years and it works great. Be sure you’re aware of what full-duplex really means…

Bah. I hate that about cell phones. It’s like a walkie talkie.

Over and out - enipla.

I just had a lengthy call using bluetooth headphones. It sure seemed like incoming sound was suppressed while I was talking. Could be the result of “phone noise cancellation”, which is a setting buried under accessibility. I’ve turned it off, let’s see if that makes a difference.