Should OF? Would OF? Could OF? I'm screaming...

What in god’s name is going on? I know that most people are not as literate, nor spell as well, as your average Doper…but my god. I play poker online a great deal, and the first time I read “I should of called”, I thought it was almost funny. Then it happened again. Then once more…then… it’s everywhere! WTF? This scares me, really it does. Between the government Newspeak (“clear skies initiative”) and the rampant illiteracy i’m seeing on the internet, I don’t think it will be long before the English language, one of My Favorite Things, will be reduced to 1000 simple words spelled phonetically. Or maybe we’ll just end up pointing and grunting most of the time.

This nonsensical of-ness has moved to the top of my list, nudging out “continue ON” (though that one still makes me weep), and the nonstop mangling of “fewer/less” (I wrote to Mason Malmuth the other day to give him a helpful tip about that…pretty alarming considering that he is a professional writer and publisher.)

Fewer mistakes, less irritation…

I’m usually very anal when it comes to stuff like this, but this one doesn’t bother me nearly as much as others. Should’ve, Could’ve–say them out loud, they sound like Should Of, Could Of, it’s easy to see how people make the mistake.

But if I see one more person complaining about loosing something, I’m going to loose my mind.

Your going to start loosing you’re mind if you start complaining about everything people could of wrote better.

You really need to get a grip. The English language will not be reduced to one thousand simple words. However, it will evolve over time, sometimes in ways that annoy you. This is what it has always done. Perhaps one day “should of” will be considered correct to all but yourself, who nobody will want to talk to because of the constant whining about how when I was young people used to say “should have”.

Trivial matters of grammar do not rise to the level of blasphemy. Going all in on the turn, hoping to catch one card to an inside straight, that makes Baby Doyle Brunson cry.

Ah, yes.
“Soon EVERYONE will do it incorrectly, and then it will be correct!”

My favorite argument. :dubious:

Those who make excuses for the dumbing-down of English, spoken or written, are the same who think it’s acceptable to park in a fire lane, because they were only inside “for a minute.” Cast both into the pit of ever darkness.

Ugh. I don’t have the best spelling and grammar in the world, but “should of” and its ilk grates on my nerves in the worst way imaginable.

Your right Driver8. Everyone here is just being rediculous.

Poker in the front, should of in the rear.

Ah, you rouge, you.

I must agree with you, Stoid. It’s not like typing “[space]of” saves keystrokes from “'ve”, it’s just plain, new-fangled ignorance (distinguishable from plain, old-fashioned ignorance because it employs a computer). When I’m elected Lord High Emperor of All I Purvey for Life, this will be punishable by death. Time to give the gene pool a good skimming!

Well, you’re already a de facto emperor of all you purvey, otherwise you wouldn’t be a purveyor of it, now would you?
If you meant “survey” on the other hand, I’m right there with you.

Is this all you of to complain about?

There is some shit up with which I will not put!

Here’s a good one. A former lady aquantance of mine used bad grammar fairly often.
I’m far from perfect myself but here’s were not the occasional slips but regular missuse of the language. When I would try to point it out and correct her politely
{evidently there is no polite way to do that} her response was “Well that just the way I say it”

How do you correct somone or make a grammatic suggestion without appearing to be a pompous ass?

Funny “looser” story.

Right after the election, I was lazy and didn’t take off my Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker (in my window). I was also lazy and didn’t get my car washed.

One day, as I am leaving school, I find this scene:
(On my window)


:rolleyes: It’s “should uh”.

Guess I just slipped into that pool that I was skimming. Ah well, when I’m emperor, I’ll just change the definitions.

Paging Gaudere, cleanup in aisle 5!

It’s basically the foundation of descriptive grammar (vice prescriptive grammar), which bases grammatical rules on communication. It is a bit of a self-licking ice cream cone, because it assumes they are innovating on purpose, and deviating from prescriptive grammar.

I’m a militant prescriptive grammarian, so I’m going to point out that this is not even a grammar mistake. “Of” and “have” are completely different parts of speech. This is a homophone spelling error. A sentence using a past participle usually includes the verb “to have”. The erring parties above have replaced the sound of “apostrophe-V-E” (not a full word, but a sound which fills in for a word) with a word that sounds the same to their ears.

The “could of/could have” error is no different than writing “His head” when you mean “He said”.

So… is there a hyphen in anal-retentive?