Should 'Psychic Hotlines' be stopped?

Night after night the television is clogged with these advertisements for Psychic Hotlines and every night one or two stations switch over to Psychic Hotlines where these people stage ‘real’ calls – usually poorly rehearsed and often duplicated and have gone from responding in general statements to absolutes.

Each one states in tiny letters ‘for entertainment only’ but from the vast amount of these rip-off programs preying on the superstitions and fears of the ignorant, the money must be good and the suckers plentiful. I do believe that there are true psychics, though I think those live mainly in Cassidaga, Fla., a small, quiet, once barely known city of psychics.

I doubt if there are more than two or three actual psychics on television hotlines. I’m suspicious as hell over Kenny Kingston, who seems to have a whole mass of ‘psychics’ doing the actual work while he lends his name and time to the scam he owns.

Should such programs be allowed to rip people off daily? Should they be allowed to continue to give false hope to desperate people? Hell, we have enough problem with the greedy, selfish television evangelists who will take every last cent you have in the name of religion and line their own pockets with it.

Does freedom of speech mean that we have to let such people prey on us? Time and time again, on talk shows and even on crappy programs like Rikki Lake, phone psychics or ex-phone psychics have admitted that it is all a scam and they are trained to psychologically read a caller.

Does freedom of speach mean that the rest of us have to let such con artists make the rest of us look stupid to the other nations of the world? How many people actually believe what these people say and then are let down or ruin their lives because of it?

What do you think? Should they be stopped?

If there are true psychics, how do you know the phone psychics are fake? Is there some kind of psychic test they could take to become Kenny Kingston “certified psychics”?

What has you convinced that real psychics exist?

I’m sure that all these psychic’s powers are baloney, not that I’ve ever called one, but last I heard there was no law against parting a fool from his money. So, even if all most of them do is give you somebody to talk to, why not.

If there a law against psychics, then there would be a law against televangelists.


I’m with Douglips - why do you think psychics exist? (Couldn’t they make money using their ‘powers’ without advertising?)

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There are laws against fraud, I thought.

All of your answers are interesting and acceptable, but just because we have laws which allow scams, does that make it OK? And, yeah, if we stop the psychic scams then we need to stop the religious cons also.

As to how I know that there are real psychics? Because I’ve had friends who are psychic in various degrees but they don’t go out and make major predictions or anything like that and earn money by what they can do. Most don’t say anything about their abilities unless they need to do so for friends or family members. By the way, they are not 100% accurate and are mostly somewhere between 75 and 80%.

Years and years ago, I went to Cassigega, Florida, taken there by family members who had heard about the place from others who had heard about it from still others and found it a very small, sleepy little town that seemed locked in the past. Back then, the psychic craze did not exist and the town consisted mainly of psychics who operated little businesses from their homes and such. They made a living by word of mouth and very little advertising and you had to set up an appointment to see one.

What? Me worry?’

See Great Debates - “David B fighting for the shallow end of the gene pool”

The social pathologies just keep piling up at an accelerating rate. Many of them cannot be resolved within the structure of the present system. This is one of them.

Psychic phone services are doomed to failure anyway. This has been proven once already. The Psychic Friends’ Network (the one with Dionne Warwick and Erik Estrada) filed for Bankruptcy two years ago. All current psychic hotlines go through a single company (can’t remember the name off the top of my head) which also happens to be a long distance service provider. The long distance service is the only way this company is making money. If you read the fine print in their commercials, you get your free five minutes or whatever after you switch long distance services to their company. This is the way that they can actually afford to saturate the market with advertising.

Also, notice that they are praying on lower-class minorities which is an interesting and, in my mind, racist approach to advertising (i.e. the rich white people are too smart to call, so we’ll prey on the poor, dumb black people).

As many a stand-up comedian has said, ‘if they’re psychic, why don’t THEY call YOU?’

Be careful what you say - they know about this thread.

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glee: I’m with Douglips - why do you think psychics exist? (Couldn’t they make money using their ‘powers’ without advertising?)

Only the altruistic psychics are on help lines. The evil ones are using their powers to gain riches. They’re just smart enough to not be noticed.

If they were truly psychic, they would already know your problem and be calling you.

I predict. . . that this topic will be moved to Great Debates.

I sense a move to Great debates soon…

I think that anyone foolish enough to believe it would also wind up spending their money on other things equally hair-brained, including government-sponsored lotteries.

But I have no problem with them being there. You know how many 3AM laugh attacks I’ve had watching the “Hello, sweet spirit” guy?

Yer pal,

See? A psychic simulpost with Cessandra!

Call me at 1-900- I M SATAN NOW!

Only $4.95 a minute!

Yer pal,

If they were truly altruistic, why don’t they have toll-free numbers rather than 900 numbers?

Wait, wait…I’m getting a vision of the future…

“They have to make a living and/or pay for the phone service.”

No, they can win themselves a lottery every so often for that.