should the Smashing Pumpkins re-form?

I hope they do, but probably the wont. They were(are) my fave band.

Naw. They won’t. Mr. Corgan wouldn’t stoop to such a rock’n’roll cliche.

When he announced that Zwan was no more, Billy promised that he’d be releasing some solo stuff sometime in '04. And I would be shocked if Jimmy Chamberlin didn’t do the drum work on it. That’s basically all the ex-Smashing Pumpkins you really need. :wink:

They won’t, and they shouldn’t. Billy and Jimmy are the core of the Pumpkins anyways, so it doesn’t matter. They’ll keep working together.

Screw you all. James Iha made the Pumpkins. He was the only other member there the whole damn time. Also Billy was fairly adamant about the split-up being final, so it’s incredibly doubtful that they get back together. To top that, James plays guitar for A Perfect Circle now.

Umm, I think that there would be little point. Mr. Corrigan played almost all of the instruments on the albums. If he does solo work ( I do not know if he does, they never were a favorite of mine ) you are probably getting what the Smashing Pumpkins would have done, had they stayed together.

Who’s Mr Corrigan?

Billy did not play most of the instruments on the albums. He played most of the guitar and bass on the first two albums, that’s all.

James is a good guitarist, nice and creative (he played a big part in Mayonaise and I Am One).

I think they could do well if they came back together. Cliché? There’s always exceptions, it’s only a cliché if you dont put any effort or heart in.

Maybe my memory is not good, but didn’t Billy teach/tell James what to play at all times. James could hardly play when he met Billy. It was my impression that that he and D’Arcy did virtually nothing creative for the band at all. And didn’t Billy address this when Zwan formed by saying that Zwan would be a collaboration rather than a Billy Corgan project?

Aren’t those songs on the first two albums?

No they shouldn’t and won’t.
I love their work.
But its over.

If I want new music, I’ll look for something new.

I love the Pumpkins, but it wouldn’t work. You can tell that they were going downhill by the end. If they got back together, they’d be doing sub-Machina work, not making Siamese Dream II.

I think it’s pretty obvious, too, that Billy Corgan was pretty much the Pumpkins. Listen to the few songs James Iha collaborated in or his solo album - he writes soft, pretty, vaguely country-pop tunes. Bullet With Butterfly Wings is Billy, Take Me Down is more James. SP usually played the Billy way.

Yes, notice I said “most of”. Trust me it was only the first 2 albums that Billy played most of the guitar and bass.

James came up with the I Am One riff btw.