Should "They Were Asking For It"-style rape denial be a moddable offence?

Exactly. Many things go on in the Pit that are totally unacceptable- accusing someones dead father of breaking the law for example.

I think those posts are horrible and would be cause for a warning or even suspension … outside the Pit. But complaining about stuff IN the Pit is useless.

The Pit needs to be brought in line with the rules in the other forums. No being a jerk, no personal insults, etc. It has to end.

But until then, the complaint by the OP is meaningless. “Forget it Jake, it’s the Pit.”

Flat out Victim blaming is even OK in GD. Note that posters want victims who have had their guns stolen to be sued and even imprisoned. Now sure, that is not nearly as bad as rape victim blaming, but it is still victim blaming, and it is common- for that issue and others.

Bring up Charlie Hebdo and watch some of the same people who posted in this thread fall over themselves to be the first to explain why 12 people were asking to be murdered.

Either it’s all OK or none of it is. If you don’t want people to say controversial or provocative things then get rid of the debate forum and the forum entirely devoted to yelling at each other. This is not a flippant “thought experiment” type point, I actually think it should be done.

If we want to retain female posters, it should absolutely be bannable. That was beyond “being a jerk.”

I agree. Outside of the Pit.

Until the Pit is a place for decent human discourse, then nothing can be done.

Although I despise victim blaming there is some truth to ‘when you wrestle with a pig…’, so 'when you read Pit posts…

Let us bring the Pit back to normal rules, and then enforce it.

We’ll have to agree to disagree. Calling someone a murder after they’ve lost their child or a whore after they’ve been raped is truly terrible. But it is only a slight mater of degree from calling someone a murder for wanting to own guns or for having an abortion. Or calling someone who is anti Israel an nazi.

Of course, I don’t think we should have eliminated racial insults in the pit either so I’m clearly in the minority.

That’s fair, this is all just opinion.

We have standards in the pit as well. If you want to keep women on this board, rape apologists and victim blamers need to leave. If you don’t want to keep women on this board, the board can end in a friendly circle jerk while a few of you understand why the women have fled over the years.

Not really.

Look, I am totally with you, just that putting a bandaid on the open infected sore that is the Cess Pit isn’t going to solve the problem.

Instead, just bring the pit on line with normal forum rules. That is the right way and only way to heal the suppurating wound. By extreme arm twisting some racist posts were mildly modded in the Pit, whereas they would have gotten a fast warning in any other forum.

The issue isn’t victim blaming, the issue is the Pit. Why did this nasty post happen? Because someone wanted to insult the poster and started a Pit thread. There was no need for that. The posts in question would not have occurred if it wasn’t for a desire for people to call names like on a schoolyard.

Leave it for rants, extraneous cursing etc, sure. A light hand for modding, Ok. But you can’t expect a cess pit not to smell.

This sort of post is unacceptable. yet it found a home in the Pit, as the Pit is where Unacceptable posts go. Complaining about Unacceptable posts in the Pit is like complaining about posters being pedantic or asking for cites in GD, or people posting mundane & pointless stuff in MPSIMS.

Yes, we recently had a very long thread were finally one racist post was deemed unacceptable in the Pit. We could do the same here. But that won’t change anything.

But that is the very wrong way. Instead, stop making the Pit a place for unacceptable posts. No more personal insults or Pitting of customers aka “members”.

Certainly @Dangerosa has a point. Rape victim blaming is something that should be unacceptable if we want to retain female posters… and decent human beings. But I think calling women, and women posters “cunt, slut, bitch” and so forth is also not a good way to retain female posters. Or decent human beings.

There is certainly no end to dank corners of the internet where such behavior is welcomed with open arms. There is no reason to tolerate it here—even in The BBQ Pit—in service of some hypothetical principle of tolerating free expression of someone to be a misogynistic asshat. And it isn’t—or at least shouldn’t be—just about keeping women here; it should be about making this a good space for decent people who are here to contribute something of value, period. If this is a place where people can victim shame and make, “But she wore a short skirt…” arguments with impunity, I don’t want to participate even by association.


Hate speech is already off limits in the pit. I don’t see why unfiltered misogyny and rape denial shouldn’t fit neatly within that.

Putting bandaids on a infected wound.

Make the Pit have the same rules as the rest of the board.

“Hey this is the Pit, where hateful, nasty and generally unacceptable stuff is welcomed!”… well, except for some Hate speech…and maybe some racist name calling… and maybe rape victim blaming, and …

Would it not be easier just to stop the welcoming of hateful, nasty and generally unacceptable stuff?

It’s not a surprise that a forum where it’s a feature to be deplorable and hateful towards each other will have posts that are offensive. Seems like the complaint is not the concept of offensiveness but the flavor.

In the alternative, perhaps we might distinguish between insults to an individual vs. a class of people? Individuals who cannot withstand attacks directed against them should stay out of the pit. Insults directed broadly at classes of persons, particularly when it comes to race/ethnicity/gender, should be impermissible. Seems easy enough to me.

In general, posts that attack a poster for offline trauma or tragedy are IMO beyond shitty and shouldn’t be in the Pit. This definitely includes the posts that this thread is about.

That’s not at all comparable to accusing someone who was raped of asking for it.

Oh, I am sooooo glad I decided to stop reading that thread the moment he opened his mouth about Cosby.

I thought this was going to be about general rape apologia, which maaaaybe should get slightly more wiggle room in the Pit, but blaming an actual poster for her own rape? Way over the line. That’s egregious even by old board standards.

I do think there’s a broader conversation to be had here about the level of hurt and insult we should be dishing out. There are all kinds of ways besides rape to be traumatized and hurt. I think this instance is particularly egregious because it does end up harming an entire class of people, namely women. But my most visceral response is coming from a sense of outrage that a member of our board was treated this way.

Agreed. Time to re-evaluate the rules.

Attacks on someone for personal tragedy or hardship shouldn’t be allowed. This case, involving rape, is especially heinous and should result in a ban or at least a suspension. But you shouldn’t be able to use any personal hardship as a weapon. Death of a loved one (including a pet), cancer or other serious illness, sudden job loss and financial woe; belittling and insulting people over anything like this should not be allowed in the pit. If nothing else it would discourage people from sharing problems and getting support or advice.

If you want to call someone a troll or a fool based on their on-board behavior, or even something crappy they have done off board, like drunk driving, fine. But don’t use bad things that have happened to them.

Agreed. We shouldn’t have a forum where broad offensive and hurtful things are not only permitted, but encouraged, and then say, “Oh, but this statement was just too offensive to me.” Especially when no hate speech was used and it was expressing an opinion, even a very hurtful one, which again, is the ridiculous reason the forum in there.

Get rid of it. There is no purpose to it.

You don’t think telling a victim of rape that it was her fault is a different degree of hatefulness than the normal stuff in the pit?

I seem to recall someone mocking a poster with PTSD in the pit being considered too far, but maybe I’m confused. There are limits, it isn’t anything goes.