A thread for iiandiii to elaborate on his views on misogyny and victim-blaming


You started an ATMB thread to discuss a post of mine that you perceived as misogynistic. I asked you a question in that thread and you didn’t answer it (or if you did, I missed your answer). I’d like to give you the opportunity to do so here, if you’re willing, and perhaps have a bit of discussion around the issue that you described as “about the most important issue in the world to me”. Who knows, maybe you’ll even persuade me of a thing or two. First off, my question to you:

You know, this conversation is already happening in the Pit.

If you won’t entertain it there, I don’t see why iiandyiiii should entertain it here.

Put your big boy pants on and head over there.


That’s a silly suggestion. Why debate in the pit when you are outnumbered 200-1 and the substance of the so-called debate will consist of unnatural acts involving cacti and goats? I mean, there are almost as many insults in the Pit as in some of the ATMB threads.

So if I’m reading your “200-1” thing correctly, the reason to debate it here is because there’s nobody to debate it here because everybody’s already debating it elsewhere and it would be silly for them to come debate it here?

MY reason for debating it here is that I’d like it to be a (relatively, at least) civil conversation. I have my doubts that a Pit thread would be conducive to that.

You asked a question and someone didn’t answer?

Why do you think that is?

I’m very curious as to what your thoughts are!

It’s not the 200-1. It’s more the goats and cacti. NTTIAWWT.

And yet you mentioned the 200-1, and mentioned it first for that matter. How odd. Peculiar. Strange, even.

Moderator Action

Starting a thread in an attempt to force someone to answer something that you feel was not adequately addressed in its original thread seems like a very poor reason to start an entirely new thread. Trying to force someone into answering a question to your satisfaction is also the type of thing that is almost guaranteed to end up in the Pit.

Since a Pit thread for this topic already exists, I am going to close this.