Should this Judge be removed or not - with video

Per the story link and the video should this Judge be given a second chance for not.

Also, procedurally, what exactly did the attorney do that drove the Judge so crazy?

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I remember seeing this video when the event happened, but I don’t remember having the same reaction to it then that I do watching it now. My instinct is that there is some history between the PD and the judge. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lawyer get up and start off in such a confrontational manner with a judge. The judge asked him what he wanted to do, and he immediately took a defensive stance, but didn’t actually answer the question.

I know that some judges are known to pressure defense counsel at time to waive time, and it seems that’s what the PD was expecting the judge to do here, which is why I assume they have a history. I wonder if the issue had come up with a different client earlier that day.

My very wild guess based solely on the video and the article is that they’re both assholes who’d just had enough of each other that day. That being said, a judge should never allow someone to get to him to that extent, and I think some punishment is reasonable, although I’d be reluctant to have him completely removed from the bench if this is his only infraction.

For the life of me, I can’t understand at all what the discussion was leading up to the judge telling the attorney to sit down and then asking if he wanted a fight. Between the audio quality and my lack of context for what was happening, I just don’t understand how it elevated to that level.

Telling an attorney to sit down and shut up, basically, was already way over the line from what I’d expect of a judge. While reserving the right to change my mind, I think the judge should be fired.

The attorney was confrontational from the beginning, and failed to treat the Court with due respect… “What do YOU want to do?” directed to a judge, and without saying “Your Honor,” or “Judge,” was inappropriate.

At the same time, the PD’s underlying gripe is legitimate: he was being pressured to waive time for speedy trial purposes, presumably because the court’s docket was backed up. That’s not the PD’s problem, and it was absolutely appropriate for him to refuse to do so. He should have done so respectfully, however.

The judge should be removed from the bench.

Where are you getting this from? (That’s a serious question.) I assume the exact same thing based on the PD’s posture — he is certainly posturing in a way that suggests he has been getting that pressure from the judge. But I didn’t see anything in the linked video or the article that showed that. Did I miss something?

DAMN! I’m not sure what should happen, but it’s really clear these two have met before since it escalated so quickly. And because the judge quickly threatened to hit him with a rock. :smiley: They go to rival high schools or something?

Aye, you missed a lot. From the article linked in the OP:

Plus there’s the parts in the video where Weinstock says “I’m not gonna waive.”

ETA: I generally agree with Bricker’s assessment of the situation: the PD displayed somewhat-less-than-adequate respect for the bench, but the judge was waaaaay out of line and should be removed from the bench.

Why does the video keep blinking “…judge…podium…r. law…witness, judge…approach”? Its so distracting

Why in the world would a PD waive the right to a speedy trial in that situation? It seems like all downside and no upside for their client. I guess if they really did need more time to prepare for a trial they would waive, but it seems like it’d be the defense attorney who would initiate that, not the judge.

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I believe it is depicting who the speaker is based on what microphone is picking up the audio. I see this in video conferencing technology, as well. It’s handy since it’s not always obvious to the video where the speaking is coming from.