Should we have a SDPNJAB?

That’s “Straight Dope Psycho Nut Job Advisory Board.”

Over in this thread there’s a perfectly reasonable question about the U.S. flag, which received perfectly reasonablee answers. Only problem is, the entire topic only exists in the first place because of the dedication of a Psycho Nut Job.

Shouldn’t Cecil and Ed enlist an entire cadre of Psycho Nut Jobs to answer all questions about the Illuminatti, federal income tax, man-walks-on-moon hoaxes, and why we really drive on the parkway and park on the driveway.

Who would you rather hear from when you have a question about the black helicopters? Someone who dismisses the idea of black helicopters with a derisive snort, or someone who will be happy to explain what they are, why they exist, where they’re currently hidden and what “they” will do with the black helicopters once the word is given?

On any given day, on any given topic, the chances of pressing some Doper’s buttons approaches 1. Thus, we are, in toto, the Straight Dope Psycho Nut Job Advisory Board. :smiley:

Great sig line :smiley:


That’s hilarious! :smiley: Yeah, it’s another one of “those” hijacks, but that was quite the surrealist jolt to scroll to the bottom of this thread and see such an ad.

Just another example of (unintentional but) hilarious Adsense humor.

Then again . . . hmm . . . maybe it IS a conspiracy.

Starting to wonder.