Should we Mourn the death of Olivia de Havilland

Wonderful actress. Strong powerful woman. Quite ahead of her time regarding woman’s rights. And breaking the studio system.

Yet she was in this horribly racist movie called “Gone with the Wind”, it was banned recently. Now has come back with some “disclaimers”.

Should she be acknowledged by at the Oscars?

Do you have a cite for the movie being “banned”?

I think you may be unclear about the meaning of the word “ban.”

A copyright owner not showing something isn’t a ban. Disney, for example, has not put the Star Wars Holiday Special on Disney+. That doesn’t mean it’s “banned.”

HBO Max taking it down for a while (and since restoring it with some commentary) is a long way from it being banned.

Olivia de Havilland had a 50-year career, with highs and lows- I imagine the guest appearance on The Love Boat would probably rank lower than Gone With The Wind.

ok fine. it wasn’t banned by the Government. A private corporation that owns the copyright withdrew it from circulation due to the racist overtones and in light of the recent racial unpleasantness in the US.

I think not morning her doesn’t go far enough. To truly display your concern for racism, you should dig up the corpses of all the cast members and piss on them.

You left out the word “temporarily”. Again.

it was in my first post

Do you know what the word “banned” means?

did you read this?

…as the resident Straight Dope Official Social Justice Warrior, holding a licence in Level 9 Political Correctness and an O-Level in Virtue Signalling I can give you the official SJW position on this. Yes: we can mourn the death of Olivia de Havilland. Absolutely. Go for it, 100%. Yes, we grant permission for her to be acknowledged by the Oscars. We have no problem with that at all.

Well thank you for your permission.

I’d be interested in other replies though

B_B has it right.

Can Elia Kazan be honored at the Oscars? Just wanna get the official SJW viewpoint.

…why would the SJW’s object? Social Justice Warriors don’t believe in Cancel Culture, thats a myth.

did you read this?

…who are you talking too?

okey dokey then. There was no controversy about Elia Kazan. So glad to have an official representative of the SJWs here.