Should We Play This Game In Iraq?

Suppose we decide to get rid of that guy in Najaf (Moqtar Ali Sadr). WE get an old truck ,load it up with TNT, and get a drugged up Sunni (or Kurd ) to drive it up to the Mosque . It gets detonated by remote control, and problem solved. We then announce that it was the Kurds, Sunnis, or whatever. Planted evidence confirms this. We then pull the same stuff in Sunni land…this time blaming it on the Shias.
Sound like a plan?
We could even blame some of this on Iran…this seems like a valid way of waging war!

Well, except one of our goals is to make Iraq peaceful, and starting a war between the Sunni and Shi’ites probably isn’t the best way to accomplish that goal.

I just looked up “valid” at It didn’t seem to have an entry for “degrading, vile, or immoral; or to bring a civilized country to the depths of terrorist violence for unclear purposes.”

What about nuking Najaf? Does your dictionary say whether that’d be OK? :wink:

Maybe ralph124c figures that, after Abu Garade, anything’s fair in love and Iraq. :rolleyes:

Heck, why bother with the subterfuge? Blow the place up, and let Jerry Falwell pee on the ruins! Jehovah 1, Allah 0! Hearts and minds, Hell, we ain’t got no hearts, and we don’t mind.

That is one of the most repulsive, ethically bankrupt ideas I’ve heard in a while.

Jog my memory - was it Ralph who suggested nuking Mecca a couple of months back? Because this is almost as stupid and unpleasant as that…

No, that was a Guest named kennybath. Here is the thread in question.

The idea proposed in this thread, however, is just as heinous.


No, wait, I’ve got a better idea!

First, we get some sort of vehicle that transports a lot of people… you know, like a bus or a big boat or… gosh, how about an airplane? Maybe even three or four of them, for maximum effect! THEN we find some buildings that are both symbolically important and full of PEOPLE, and we crash the vehicles into them! It’ll be great! Definitely a valid way of waging war!


Worst idea ever.

Well, ok, maybe nuking Mecca was a worse one. I’m not sure.

… and HE works in a maximum security PRISON!

(Credit for pointing that bit out goes to my boyfriend.)

I guess with “WE” you mean the USA and that you plan to run for president.
I guess with “guy” you mean to say that:

  1. You have no clue about the individual’s position and role in present Iraq
  2. You do not wish to have any clue about that as you do not wish to show the slightest respect for any Iraqy in general.

Instead of being so convinced that you just invented the most brilliant criminal plot of the century, you better start reading a bit about Islamic History.
Hint: No Muslim shall ever believe that any Muslim ever shall blow up that shrine. And with Muslim I mean ** Muslim**.
Hence your brilliant idea of your “planted evidence” shall have no other effect than being recognized for what it is: Planted by non Muslims… And if the matter of destruction of the shrine itself would not be so serious, the only thing that would be able to do is proving the common belief the No One In The West has a clue about Islam and Muslims.

What “stuff” and where? “Sunni land” ??

The only thing you display so far, besides your obvious need for professional help to control the tendency to criminality residing in your mind, is that you have no clue about Islam, its history, Muslims… And since you talk about Iraq: No clue what so ever about that country and its populations. All this while your lunaticism makes you think you have figured it all out on your very own.

Sure. Every child can come up with idiotic simplistic plans when “playing soldier”. Yet only a born criminal child would come up with what you publish here and be dead serious about it after the child became an adult. You are adult, are you? If not, go play with your tin soldiers and wooden swords. If you are a normal child your simplistic fantasies surely will vanish during the growing-up process, when you become aware of the existence of Good and Evil.

See my little hints about Muslims and Islam above.
Start for example with reading this
I am sunni Muslim. If anything should ever happen to that site I can not say how I would react when I would have the one who did that under my eyes. It would in any case be a day to remember. For him.
I can assure you that this would have nothing to do do with what that place means to me as historian. That can only add - if possible because there shall be nothing left over to add - to my rage.

Understood? If not, you are even a more desperately hopeless case then you made yourself come across.

Why am I not surprized to see you writing this, and then even followed by an exclamation point to underscore your sincere believe in its validity?

I honestly think you should run for presidency. You even beat the criminal that occupies the White House right now.
Nothing better for the USA then Criminals For President.

In folklore, trolls are beings who hid under bridges, and waylaid persons crossing them. If I am wrong (there is a good chance I am) then someone please correct me.
From what I have worked out in my tiny brain, an internet troll is someone like the bloke who started this thread - someone who is hoping a reaction from some outragious statement, and gets some thrill out of the reaction of it.
He has succeeded! I too add to this.
I have come to the conclusion that we are all becoming trolls - me most of all! Therefore let us all say together ‘we are all trolls, and hobgoblins, and all manner of foul creatures who lurk and prowl this internet thingy’.
Those of you who do not chant this are unbeleivers, and shall dissapear into electronic hell to be tortured eternally by Bill Gates, unless you are part of his wonderful company, wherefore thee be allowed into purgatory for a time, unless you state that the above is not funny, whencefore thou shall be instantly re-instated into the kindom of eternal futility. Whateaver the hell that this means. Don’t ask me, I’ve no idea what this is about, not that you asked, or even care.
Lesson - don’t drink too much and smoke too much tobacco, and listen to good music at all the same time. A free warning, and Yorkshire-men are supposed to be mean!
Apologies to all for this pathetic sermon, but I reckon I preach better than Bush or Blair, even in this state!
In other words, vote for me! But you can’t. HA Ha ha…hic…

It would probably cause a civil war if you tried to pin it on one specific ethnic group , be it shia or sunni or what ever. As well its blatant, you want something thats reasonably believable to the average person on the street.

From what I understand , the shrine has been returned to the control of the religious guardians, so you just may blow up some innocent people.

Give him a couple of months , let him get comfortable , then pump his latest residence with nerve gas.

Or let him join the system and see what he does in politics , otherwise its wishing trouble for no apparent gain.