Should we see The Hobbit in 2D, 3D or 3DHFR?

I wanted this to have its own thread but if someone feels it should be merged with one of the extant Hobbit threads, I would not object, of course.

I’m hearing widely diverging opinions on 3D and HFR (high frame rate) prints of The Hobbit. We don’t go to theaters that often preferring to wait for video or Netflix but are prepared to make an except for Hobbit (as we did for Skyfall). We’re tempted to see it in the bestest, most awesomenest format available, which would be the 3D HFR but I’ve seen reviews that it doesn’t work that well and detracts from the story. What say the dopers?

We saw it in HFR and thought it made the sets look cheap.

I’ll see if I can find a review I read the other day; the reviewer saw it in all three formats and had the best experience with 2D.

This isn’t the one I read, but it came to a similar conclusion:

Thanks, we’re leaning toward 2D but don’t want to feel like we’re missing out anything.

2D all the way. Trust me.

I personally would see it in 3D HFR. My brother (who is a graphic designer and an early adopter of new technologies) hated it in this format. Said it looked weird and like it was all in “fast forward.” Most of the people I know who saw it in this format had a negative impression of it, but a handful thought it was really cool and looked more “real” and immersive than anything they’ve ever seen before. So, I’d be curious to see it in that format just for the novel experience, and see what my impressions of it are. Otherwise, I’ll just wait to stream it at home.

There is that. I expect that we will eventually see the 2D format multiple times once it’s released on video and at some point make its way to television but the only chance to see it in 3D-HFR will be the theater. Decisions, decisions.