Should we (US Military) stay in Afghanistan or GTFO?

Regardless of the original motivations that lead to the US to invade Afghanistan, the fact is we’re in the country with a significant amount of troops. Should those troops continue to remain in the country, or should we be looking at a planned withdrawal like Iraq?

Let’s face it, Al-Qaeda is not present in Afghanistan at appreciable levels, according to congressional testimony. Is the continued suppression of those activities enough justification for our presence in that region? Would our resources be better applied towards military support of Pakistan?

Then, consider the Taliban. Supposedly wiped out during our invasion post 9/11, they’ve made a significant resurgence in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Should our presence in that region be used to suppressing any comeback of the Taliban? Do we even have the resources to carry out that mission?

Personally, I’m torn on this issue. I dislike American imperialism, and I cringe at the thought at invading foreign sovereign nations. However, the fact is we did invade Afghanistan. Regardless for the reasons why we’re in that region, the Taliban was, IMHO, an evil oppressive regime whose elimination would be a benefit to the Afghan people. I hate to see our troops abroad fighting what appears to be an endless war, but at the same time I feel that they are serving a greater good.

ETA: I know there’s a related Karzai thread, and discussion of him is welcomed here, but I was mainly thinking of the relationships between US Military, and Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

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