Should Western Jihadists Be Microchipped?

The phenomenon of western muslims who travel to Syria (to participate in “Jihad”) is quite disturbing. Their subsequent behavior (upon returning) is concerning; should they be forced to have a microchip implanted in them, so they can be monitored and tracked by the police? I would think that this is a reasonable solution-we cannot be sure of their intentions, and it is better that they be tracked, and their movements monitored. What do you think?


also gun owners, racists, and anyone else who might be dangerous

No, they should be monitored and tracked by prison guards. That’s assuming they aren’t bombed and killed so they can’t come back.

Doubtfully useful if they get lost; just put up flyers on lampposts as usual.

‘Missing: Mukhmar — last seen around April 23rd. Deeply missed. $50 reward. Please check your outhouses and sheds.’*

Otherwise: no.

The ones who commit crimes should be prosecuted. The ones who do not should be left alone. That’s pretty much how our justice system works.

And since it’s already illegal (in the US) to travel to Syria (or anywhere) in order to “participate in jihad”, then no microchip needed.

n.b.: Using that quoted phrases loosely to mean partnering or participating in acts of violence with extremist groups.

I think it’s a great idea. Let’s put up a sign at the border that says “Jihadists stop here to get micro-chipped”.

It’s impractical anyway. As far as I know, embedded microchips have a very short range of transmission so police couldn’t really track anyone. It would have to be an external tracking bracelet.

This. There are crimes, and there are not-crimes. If they committed a crime, then the justice system takes over. If they committed a not-crime, then nothing happens. If they committed a not-crime and people think it should be a crime, they press the government to pass a law making it a crime.

That’s the big criticism of the no-fly list: If these people are so dangerous that they can’t be let on a plane, then why aren’t they arrested?

Besides, microchips can be removed. (I saw it on Buffy!)

I don’t know if jihadists should be microchipped, but I definitely find myself thinking the SDMB should consider returning to pay-to-post.

So, if someone brings one into the vet folks will know where their home is?? I’m unsure that there is really a lost Western Jihadist issue necessitating chipping them.

That even leaving aside the concerns of others up thread about no crimes having been committed (because obviously if they DID commit a crime they would be put in jail instead of allowed to wander about) micro-chips have very limited range, that even if this wasn’t the case this would be a huge slippery slope and a large potential for abuse and corruption, that it wouldn’t do much good in any case since I doubt people would line up to say they were Jihadists, etc etc.

By the way, if we are actually going to adopt the Demolition Man method of crime control, it would be cool if we also got a radio station that played jingles all the time.

And how will that be accomplished, huh? With microchips! Big Brother is all around us!

Sure, track their movements, but I don’t think implanting a microchip would do the trick.

It only works if you have a reader within inches of the chip, so it doesn’t really track movement. And it can simply be removed.

And a Taco Bell on every corner!

It should be integrated into the jihadi’s vital systems such that its removal results in death.

you can then start tattooing the suspect muslims with a crescent embedded with a chip. Maybe a number can be added for the tracking purposes.

Easy, tiger. Now we’re just getting into fascist territory!

You really want to use radio collars. We can track their mating habits as well.

They should be put on trial for treason, terrorism and crimes against humanity. The first two is currently the practise in Denmark. The third should be included since it has been established that the crimes against the Yazidi was genocide.