Should women be drafted into combat units (USA)

Now that the are eligible for combat units they should be eligible to be drafted for same units.

No. Conscription is slavery and any politician who votes in favour of it should be executed.

arent you concerned with equality? are you a bigot?

Are you asking a question, or giving an opinion? I take it you think they should be eligible for the draft?

Wow, that’s one spectacular “Gotcha!” fail. Did you notice an asterisk and a footnote in my post, saying conscription is only bad if you’re a girl? No?

You obviously think women are weak and puny and can’t go rambo like men.

i think if you say women are equal enough to be allowed in the marines then they have to be eligible for being drafted too. but what does my opinion matter? it doesnt. im waiting for the feminists to start a petition saying women should be drafted. that is what this is all about.

Conscription is a poor idea from both an ethical and practical standpoint regardless of gender.

i’m talking about reality not philosophy. in reality males can be drafted. can we stick to conversations about reality please.

And yet here you are, giving it. What Grumman was saying was that nobody should have to be drafted, not that women shouldn’t have to be drafted.

Ugh. The OP is clearly (okay, maybe not so clearly) asking: Currently, men can be drafted into the military. Since women can now serve, should they be added to the draft?

What everyone is choosing to answer instead for some reason is: Should there even be a draft?

I hope this has helped.

My answer is: If there’s a draft, then yes, everyone should be in it. But there shouldn’t be a draft.

yes, but no offense if you are a woman, do you really expect feminists to get outraged if women aren’t drafted into combat units? i predict that they will not. there are some examples of double standards by feminism and i predict this will be one.

Is this a “pro women getting drafted” thread or an “anti feminism” thread??

its an anti feminist thread

And the actual topic of this thread is(as opposed to what you wrote in the OP)…?


What did feminists do to you?

For that matter, do you even know what a feminist is?

I ask the last question because I’ve never met a feminist who argued for conscription for men but opposed it for women.

More like an anti-punctuation thread from the looks of it. Did a roving band of hyphens and apostrophes kill your dog or something?

well, actually, i was looking for a valid defense for women not to be drafted. but if you want to know whether i think feminists are going to approach this topic logically, i don’t. i could be wrong about that of course and since there is not time enough yet to see what they will say, i am looking for any valid defense to bar women from being drafted.

No…and neither should men. Conscription sucks, basically, and we are much, MUCH better off with the all volunteer force we have today than any of the conscripted armies we had in the past.

Now, if you are asking should women be eligible to be in combat units, that’s a whole 'nother question…the answer to which we as a society have already decided on, since women are allowed into combat units if they can meet the requirements (just like men).

i dont think my comments are so badly written in terms of grammar that they cant be comprehended. i know some people get caught up in such points but i’m not one.