Should you 'delete' or 'add to blocked senders list' SPAM in your inbox?

I wonder about this. Should I delete or add to blocked senders list the SPAM I have been getting lately. I know a lot of people have been getting those mystery pdf’s in their inbox lately, how they are getting past my firewall and spam blocker I don’t know. But I have been adding them to my blocked senders list and nothing is happening. If anything, the frequency is getting higher for me getting these mails.

So - to delete or not to delete is the question.

Unless there’s some reason to suspect future spam will arrive apparently from the same sender (and this rarely happens, because the sender addresses are usually randomly-generated nonsense), there’s little point in adding them to a blocked senders list - you’re better off getting a spam filter that is based on content, and better still, one that learns and improves, based on you identifying spam messages that get through.

Thunderbird has this built in - What mail client are you using?

I’m using outlook. Is there a good, or recommended spam blocker utility.

It’s built in with Outlook 2003 onwards - which version do you have?

One of the problems with the filters that learn is that spammers throw legit looking content in with their spam message. What then happens is that the library of keywords gets wider and wider to the point that it is no longer blocking spam effectively. This is particularly a problem with filters that are applied by your ISP. If you keep telling them about your spam then they can get to the poing where they either don’t work or they start to treat your legitimate email as spam.

Which makes the question of the OP a particularly perplexing one.

Exactly, I am getting Spam with pdf’s from say Mrs.Phlosphr in the subject line. Or Report from XYZ Company - which happens to be a company I work with often. This is what is getting them past my spam blocker. I have outlook 03’.

My SpamBlocker is on Earthlink Webmail. (Messages in the Suspect email folder do not make it to the mail on my computer.) I choose ‘report as spam’. I don’t know if it actually does anything, but I like to think that they have some logic that collates the reports and modifies their spam filters to block them in the future.

I don’t add to my blocked senders list for the reason stated Mangetout.

It might be worth scrutinising the full email headers to see if there’s anything in there that’s consistent, and consistently different from legitimate emails from company XYZ. It’s quite unusual to get spam messages with any kind of consistency, so I’m quite surprised that you’re getting many false negatives making it through your filter.