Shouldn't the war discussion include getting more allies involved?

I think the major problem all along was the go it alone attitude, removing the UN from the process. Shouldn’t we be asking the UN for advice. Let them debate it and the political focus is instantly off the US. Let them propose more or fewer troops, or a new election, or regional sovereignty for the Kurds, etc.
Spread the discussion and take the US out of the cross hairs for a while.

I doubt if you ever will get many more countries involved in the Iraqi mess than there are at present, because most countries simply will not go along with what the Bush administration has been insisting on. And, even if they would like to help sort out the current mess, I doubt if you’d get them going in while the US military is still there – partly because they would not be able to match the US numbers, and so the US would still be running the show.

So if you could wind the clock back a few years, the strategy might work, but you can’t unscramble scrambled eggs.

I don’t know who at the UN would be giving those recommendations. But like Giles said, other countries aren’t going to want to get involved in this mess.

I agree with the previous. At this point, it’s hard for me to imagine how the UN or anyone else could do anything that won’t end in ( more ) disaster, and I doubt they want to provide Bush and his fellow Republican scum with an excuse to blame them. And even if they wanted to, Bush would never give up control of what the “coalition” is doing, so there’s no point; even if they had a solution to Iraq’s problems, they’d never be allowed to use it.

I’m to understand China has a lot of lonely men. I’m also to understand that there are a lot of widows in Iraq. Sounds like a match made in heaven!

A match made where?