Show me some pictures of your home town!

Here’s a few pictures from my home town. This is not my property, rather a rocky cove at the end of my street. I took a few pics this morning before coming to work. I also uploaded a few pics of the same cove that I took back in February. The body of water that figures prominently is the Atlantic Ocean.

Here’s the link. Enjoy!

I tried. The link wants a password. Your password. :slight_smile:

Ugh. Sorry.

Try this

Nice Smitty. Here’s a picture of what stands in the middle of the town square in my hometown, LaGrange, GA.

Here’s Ipswich, Massachusetts looking somewhat less than its best.

My back yard.

OK, then. I’ll link them individually…

small boat in foreground

distand buoy

winter shot

summer shot


another boat

Pictures of the church in my home town. Damn, I’m getting homesick just looking at them. I moved there when I was 2, in 1979, and my parents only moved out of there last year. I still haven’t grasped that the house I grew up in isn’t ours anymore.

Are you sure that’s Jawja? I don’t see any kudzu in that picture. :smiley:

Panama City

I live just to the left of the tallest building in the center of the picture.

My building is just to the right of the two tall buildings in the center of the picture.

Yeah, I can vouch for Ipswich usually looking a lot better than that. Vinwood Catering (in Ipswich) catered my wedding.

Ever go to see the Devil’s Footprint?

Just for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably never leave coastal New England again… As of right now… Mystic is home.

Hey, no, I hadn’t. Not being a native (I grew up in Melrose), I hadn’t heard of it. Is it upstream or downstream of County Street? I’ll have to go check it out, when the latest bout of monsoons is over and the river level drops. Is it hard to find? Should I fortify myself with a bagful of provisions from Marty’s Donut Shop?

Ah, it’s on Meetinghouse Green, not down by the river, as Googling has revealed. I’ll look for it today when I drive up Town Hill on the detour south out of town.

My town, Live. If I walk out of my house and down to the road, you could see me on camera 1. If I walk out of my coffeehouse and out to the road, you could see me on camera 3.

Heh…quite why the BBC thought this webcam showed off Ipswich, Suffolk at its best is beyond me.

Might take a bit of hunting around, but I understand they’ve either circled it in green or something. Really, no more than a few minutes to find it, though.

I live fairly close to here, where it began:

Here’s the most memorable landmark from my home town.