Show my son your cat!

My wonderful cat-loving son, Sterling, is turning 8 this Friday.
He Loooves cats.
Anyone who has a photo of their most beautiful cat or kitten, please post it here.(well, a link)
I will print them out for him.

Am I the only one who thinks Vanilla should have titled this thread either “Show my son your pussy” or “Hot Pussy Links”? (I’m sorry 'nilla, I couldn’t resist)


If I had a way to take a picture of my cats, I would, but I only have one way of getting visual information into my computer and frankly I don’t think that trying to scan he cats would be a good idea for either the scanner or the cats. (Imagine trying to close the cover!)


Can I e-mail you a 67K .jpg? Two cute kitties!

And oh, yeah, just for you, Fenris:

Sure! E mail em or post it here.
Fenris, yes, it came to my mind to call it that, but I thought it might be a bit tasteless.
I see you think like me too! :wink:

Well if your son likes fat lazy cats, well here’s a couple of prime examples. Tell Sterling that I said happy birthday.

These are my former cats, I’m sorry to say. But it’s a nice photo

This is my baby, Mew. She and I would both like to wish Sterling a purrrrrrrrrr-fect and Happy Birthday!

Big Fat Furball

I hope this works… it’s a link to a whole album of cat pics. Just my 2, though. Gosh, are they cute. Pick your favorite to print, and tell the little ailurophile happy birthday for me.

vanilla, I’m pretty sure I’ve pointed you at this picture of my cat Piper before, but it’s not like I need a good excuse.

All my cats are unique and wonderful, but I freely admit Piper is the prettiest.

Shayna, Mew is beautiful!

I have no clue how to post pictures of my own cats, but there’s a site I frequent just to look at all the pictures: - your son might enjoy it.

Here’s a picture of Socks, one of Alegre, and one of Nico (she’s not one of mine, but she sure is cute).

And I just have to add that my wonderful cat-loving younger daughter, Kathleen, turns 8 today. Happy birthday to Sterling, too!

Tell him Happy Birthday! Here’s my cats: Boscibo’s kitties. And tell him to be sure and check out my index page, I made a cool picture with my black cat’s eyes…I think it makes her look like a big, scary, panther!

Oh thank you!
I’m printing them out. Unfortunately, its not in color, but he’ll love em!
The best looking cat is…

all of them!:wink:

My cats aren’t on-line (they haven’t figured out HTML coding yet) but my friend Bill’s late cat is here: Ernie. Although he is not longer with us, he was a hell of a handsome big cat.

If you’re still interested…my babies are here.

Thank you, Fiver. Of course, since I’m her mama, I think she’s the most beautiful kitty in the whole mewniverse. :smiley: Everyone else here has precious kitties, too. They’re all adorable!

Here’s a pic of Oreo, the cat formerly known as Patches. This is not my cat, it’s the GF’s, but I did have him at my place for a couple months.

And in case he likes big cats also, here’s an Amur Leopard.

And just in case he likes full grown big cats, here’s all the other pics from Honesty’s Endangered Cat Pages

Ok, the pic I thought was there, isn’t. Here’s the link of the Leopard Cub I thought the second link went to: