Did someone say we need another Cat Pic thread?

Well, ok, then let me start the ball of yarn rolling.

I take a lot of pictures lately of this guy , but he’s got a small, loyal cult following here, so I feel obligated. That’s the couch in the front room, which he has declared the Safe Haven of Cuervo.

For reference, that’s Mouse with him. This is his first picture with **Mouse. **He grew, Mouse did not.

Another on the couch.

Yesterday, we had this window open. It’s his window to the world. He stayed there all day and all night.

Some of you gave me some good advice about his bullying problem a few months back. A lot of the problem went away after he was fixed. Evil Fat Scarlett still picks on him a bit, but he’s gotten much better at defending himself. We find a LOT of gray fur where they’ve skirmished, so obviously, he’s made her more careful.

Nevertheless, this is the picture I thought I’d never get to take. All three kids on the bed at the same time. That’s Marty, who celebrated his 12th birthday April 4th, next to Cuervo. Scarlett’s ears are back because until I walked in the room with the camera, I don’t think she knew he was on the bed. But after I left, peace reigned in the land, so it was ok with her after all.

I’ve referred to Ernie - Best Cat Ever, here before. On the table next to the bed is a small framed picture of him. The Beanie on the table guards my glasses when I’m not wearing them. Damn cat’s been dead since '97 and he still has to work!
You may all now pile on with your attempts at cuter kitty pics. Cuervo welcomes all comers.

My two cats, in what I can only describe as a yin-yang of fur.

The usuals.

Really nice Hal, whipping out your whole folder at once. Play fair. :wink:

You’ve got some photogenic cats, I’ve saved a few of those pictures for my screen saver.

By the way Hal, which ones Boo? I ask because Marty’s nickname is Boo.

For obvious reasons

Samantha who is going through a second kittenhood these past few days and is mere moments away from becoming really pretty slippers…

Here’s one of mine. He likes to sleep in unusual places. Sorry it’s not the best scan.

More, what the heck:

Love in a Donut Bed

Triple Kitty Love

Blossom, R.I.P.

Khan, my oldest, and King of the Castle. He’s also very vain.

Sirius, the little guy–who’s not so little.

Chunk, newcomer and baby–but fatter than the other two put together.

I need some more pictures, I think.

my favorite animal in the world (although he can’t take a good picture to save his life)… I give you BRUTUS!

in the wintertime, I wish I could sleep on the heater too.

after a bath. That’s a crappy picture, but the cat looked so damn cute and pissed off that I had to try to salvage it in photoshop.

Here is my puss playing with the dog’s toy rope. It’s the only decent photo we have with his eyes open. I think he’s sensitive to the flash.

here he is being adorable. One of the few where he doesn’t look pissed off.

he likes to steal the computer chair. He’s spoiled rotten- usually when he’s on the chair, the human who wants to use the computer either gets a dining room chair or kneels on the floor.

Here’s Spaulding in food mode. He likes Super Supper and, when you’ve got the can upside down to get the food out, he swats the back of the can with his paw to get the food out faster.

Here’s Spaulding being all photogenic and stuff.

I left my disk o’ kitty photos in the car, but I’ll post some this weekend.

Mr. Bus Guy, it’s adorable that Cuervo still has his little stuffed toy–and still plays with it.

These are all some seriously cute kitties.

You can look if you want, but the cute-osity of it just may kill ya:

Is it fair to be comparing cats to kittens?

Spaulding as a kitten would have won this competition hands down, but we’ve got no kitty pics of him cause we had no camera at the time.

Consider yourselves lucky.

“Falls over and bangs head on the ground”

I lived, but I’m bruised.

Okay…I can do cats, too:

(and a very cool moth)

That happens to me daily…but usually because I’m tripping over those little softies!

Oo, I have lots! Some of them have been posted in other threads recently.

Okay, here are some photos of my roommates’ cats when they were kittens. They’re bigger now, but I don’t think I have any recent photos.

This is Lover, an alley cat I took care of for a while when I was in art school in Baltimore.

And finally, here are a few street cats I saw on my recent trip to Panama.

Mr Bus Guy, Cuervo’s gotten so big! Glad to hear he’s standing up for himself these days. Did he ever get over his Beanie Baby, uh, infatuation?

And on preview, Kalhoun, that kitten in a flower basket may be the cutest thing on earth.

Kalhoun, Quicksilver kind of reminds me of our Fuzzy Face when she was a kitten.

Mama and Fuzzy
Gosh, that’s precious
The fat ones (and Mama)
A cat named Bug
Big old furry fat cat

Heh…my apologies. I can only offer up the excuse that I had a screaming baby on my lap at the time of that post. The littlest Briston prefers that posts be kept to a two-word maximum. :slight_smile:

This guy. “Boo” is actually a shortened version of his original name, which he received when we adopted him as a kitten with a very bad cold.