Show support for our troops here.

Here are a few ways to let our troops know that our hearts are with them:

You can send an e-mail to a serviceman/

Or, send a simple thank you, here.

Or, request a penpal here here

I originally posted the above links in the Pit. I think they may be more useful here in MPSIMS.

This thread is not to be turned into a debate about whether the war is right or wrong. It is meant to give others a way of telling our troops that we are grateful and proud.

Come home safe and come home soon, everyone.

I sent an e-mail. What a lovely idea.

I just want to also remind people that there have been two other threads on this topic. Please search for those for useful information about mailing, wish lists, and the like.

Thanks for the link. I just sent one too.

Thanks Cranky, I’ll make sure to check out those other threads as well.