Support *Can* Be Beautiful (and Patriotic) or, "Join the SDMB USO"

Did I make you look? Good, now read this…

Directed there by the Army’s website, I contacted the USO and received in response to my inquiry the following recommendation for writing letters of support to our brave troups being called or recalled for active duty at this time. Many of these people are friends or even family members, and whether we’re hawk or dove we should be supporting them as individuals who are likely as sad, angry, confused and frightened (maybe more so) as the rest of us in looking at what the future may bring…so, recommended and approved by the Department of Defense – send letters/cards ONLY to:

[sub]For Troops on land write:[/sub]
Any Servicemember
Operation Joint Guard
APO AE 09397

[Sub]Troops at sea write:[/Sub]
Any Servicemember
Operation Joint Guard
FPO AE 09398

This concludes this Public Service Announcement. Please consider bumping this thread, as necessary, to ensure adequate viewing…pretty please with sugar on it?

A damned good idea, Peta. Thank you.

You’re welcome, Uncle Beer. :slight_smile:


I can’t bump it cuz it’s at the top, but did they say anything about cookies from strangers? I suppose my kids could give them to a Reservist I work with, but since he hasn’t been called up he’d probably just eat them himself. (I thought we had some fitness standards for our officers? Yeesh!)

[SUB]Fine! Bump.[/SUB]

My wife… then girlfriend… did the same thing back when the Gulf War was going on. At that time, my brother was on the USS Midway (before it was decommissioned). She sent letters to him, post cards to his company, and even some addressed to anyone on the Midway. As I recall, she got back 2 or 3 replies from servicemen who really appreciated the message of support at that troubled time.



(Maybe you can ask a mod to change the title? For some reason it was confusing to me and I didn’t open it until just now. I mean it should warrant at least as many views as “My cat licks venetian blinds”!)

This is a good idea. I wrote several letters during the Gulf War, as did the class of high school girls I taught. Many of us recieved at least one response, but even without a response, I’m sure mail is always appreciated. I mean, I love to get mail, and I’m in Oregon, safe, dry and warm!

OK, I’m having trouble with what to write. Are we supposed to say how much we appreciate that they’re fighting for us, or talk about stuff that’s going on here, like Ross is the father of Rachel’s baby, etc? Will these all be read by some security type person before they’re doled out to the soldiers? I don’t actually know how to get started.

Ok- surely I wasn’t the only one thinking red white & blue brassieres… (long may they wave?)

I agree this sounds like a good idea - but am also unsure what to say…


No you’re not the only one with this thought. Perhaps a title change would help.

Actually, that’s what I WANTED people to think…I know that threads related to breasts, sexuality, etc. are more frequently read (and I was trying to cash in on the patriotic condoms thread)…so I was trying to use “sex with sell” (the idea). Guess I failed–I’m just not that type of girl.

I think you can write whatever you like, maybe a little about yourself or just send a card with a short note…


I would say “God bless you, PETA, for starting this thread,” but then Phil and I would end up hijacking this into GD on whether it’s ethical for a Christian to ask God’s blessing on an atheist, and under whose system? :wink:

So I’ll just say, “Uncle Beer bless you.”

I adopted a soldier who was serving in Kosovo, and am eager to resume something like that. Like others, I thought this was about girdles or something, and nearly missed it!!

I’ll keep my ear to the ground about the adopt-a-soldier thing, too.

Cranky sez:

Yeah, I thought it was about a Wonder Woman[sup]TM[/sup] costume.

Bump. Bump. [sub](tee hee)[/sub]

Yes, they do appreciate the letters. My husband (then boyfriend) received letters and drawings from young children. He put the pictures up on his walls. Even though he was getting regular letters and email from me, he also enjoyed hearing from strangers.

They are delivered to the soldiers unopened; nobody edits them beforehand.

He’s probably going to be deployed again (even I might get sent this time), so please, please don’t flirt in your letters!

Vogue, I was always clueless about what to write, even when I was writing to the same person every week! And knew his name and everything! I’m surprised he didn’t nearly die of boredom and get shipped home early.

Since they’re far from home, you might talk a little about what the fall is like in the U.S. The leaves changing, the flags people still have up, scintillating stuff like that. Tell them what people here are worried about and are talking and debating about.

Or talk about me. There’s always me.

Ok, I sent one, I hope I didn’t bore them to death! I said I was watching the President on TV and the protesters were driving me nuts. Well I said more than that but it’s even too boring to post!