shows canceled first season- that should not have been canceled.

I will lead with the obvious- Firefly.
Now, of course there are many shows that were canceled too early- Dead Like me, Pushing Daisies, etc. But at least they had a run.

How about your faves that got canceled after a very short run?

Almost Human and No Ordinary Family are at the top of my list for shows that only last one season.

Also, I enjoyed the one season of Celebrity Apprentice where Arnold Schwarzenegger hosted and wished he could have done more.

P.S. Here is are two lists of shows that only lasted one season:

I will add:

The first (?) *New Amsterdam. *

Why on earth they copied that title for yet another medical drama, , i don’t know.

(Fairly) recent ones include *Pan Am *and The Finder.

Wonderfalls–Bryan Fuller’s followup to Dead Like Me with fourteen episodes, thirteen of which were plotted out in an elaborate arc with often unexpected twists, gallows humor, and utilizing largely then and since unappreciated comedic talents of Caroline Dhavernas, William Sadler, Diana Scarwid, Lee Pace, and Tracie Thoms.

Profit–basically the predecessor to every edgy show with an amoral and sociopathic protagonist that David Chase, Matt Weiner, and Vince Gilligan have made since.

Rubicon–basically an American version of the John le Carré that the BBC does so well, combined with a Three Days of the Condor pervading sense of paranoia and doom.

The ultimate answer is, of course, Freaks and Geeks, despite the presence of the now-insufferable James Franco. It perfectly captures being caught in between social groups with everyone telling you what you should be doing with your life and nobody asking, “What do you want to do?”


I loved Wonderfalls!

You know, zillions of people, even reviewers have said that they LOVE F&G- but then, why did no-one watch it? :confused:

“Clone High” was a funny show. Likewise for “Jeff & Some Aliens”. And I actually thought “Moonbeam City” was fairly funny, even though it got pretty poor reviews.

Hooten and the Lady
Crimson Field
Partners In Crime (UK murder mystery show)
That one where whatsisface lived each day twice. Awake.

One of my faves was cancelled at first, but very recently renewed again by another network, and that show is called Agatha Raisin.

Trophy Wife. Maybe not a ground-breaking sit-com but it was well-written and it had a good cast.

Action. A pull-no-punches sit-com about the movie business.

Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Okay, I’ve watched it recently and it shows its age. But Darren McGavin is still great.

Forever. An interesting detective series where the lead character is a secret immortal.

Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. Very funny series with Kristen Ritter playing a great character.

I never saw it in the original run, and it wasn’t the type of show I would have watched at that point, but it is one of the most authentic shows I’ve seen about high school that nearly everyone can identify with in some way.


Same here. Once I found out about it I got it on DVD. But, I still haven’t gotten around to watching. Still have way too much other TV to catch up on. But, some day. When I’m in the right mood.

*Action *was good
I loved Kolchak. 20 epis.

Forever (2014) was very good.

Quark (for just half a season)
Jennifer Slept Here
Kolchak: TNS
James at 16
Thrill Seekers

Trying to recall others

My So-Called Life. It’s the only time I ever wrote the network.

The Riches

*Now and Again *

Two that I liked a lot:
Bakersfield P.D., from 1993, starring Giancarlo Esposito as a big-city cop transferred to small-time Bakersfield PD. A fish-out-of-water series, and very funny.

Aliens in America, from 2007, about a dorky Wisconsin high-schooler trying to fit in whose family gets a Muslim Pakistani exchange student that he’s responsible for, in a somewhat intolerant town that doesn’t know what to make of a Muslim. Very funny.

One that comes to mind:
The Good Guys with Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks. Buddy cop comedy, but Whitford was brilliant as the completely insane, washed up, alcoholic, lecherous Dan Stark.
I’ll also second the mention of Profit and The Finder

Yes, the Finder reminds me of Eyes which only lasted a few shows, but I remember it being pretty good.

Once a Hero. Great show about a superhero who ends up on Earth, where Superhero tropes no longer existed. Clever writing, with a love for the form with all its absurdities, as well as a penchant for turning the cliches of the genre on their head.

For instance, the 4th episode (never aired) was about an actor who played the superhero on TV years ago and was sick of it. The part was played by Adam West.

Luck, a series on HBO starring Dustin Hoffman was canceled after one season.

Two horses died during filming of season one. A third horse died during filming of the second episode of season two, so they canceled the series due to fear of bad press. Thing is, horses die or are euthanized at the track all the time.

Mr. Lucky - 1960