shows canceled first season- that should not have been canceled.

Somebody has already mentioned this one – “Don’t Trust the B_ in Apartment 23”.
I really wanted to see that show continue!
From the 1970s – I wish that “Get Christie Love” had lasted beyond the 1974-1975 season.

Brimstone - Peter Horton as Ezekiel Stone, a deceased New York City cop, let out of Hell to chase down a hundred or so “of the worst souls” who had escaped some time before. Excellent performances by Horton, John Glover as Satan, and Teri Polo as the leader of the escapees (although you don’t learn that until the last broadcast episode). Good show, atmospheric as all hell (so to speak), all around good watching.
Stone: * You loved her.*
Satan: I never loved anyone but God! And that was a long time ago!

Lasted a couple of seasons…Joan of Arcadia and Sports Night. Continuing with Aaron Sorkin, I also liked Studio 60.

Trophy Wife was legit hilarious for a network sitcom

The only show I was emotionally attached to, though, was My So-Called Life. Maybe it’s for the best; who knows if a second season would’ve totally ruined its legacy


Usually not my kind of show, but Karen Gillan was adorable, John (Star Trek re-boot) Cho was a solid male lead and the show was just hitting its comedic stride when it was given the boot.

Buffalo Bill lasted only 2 seasons but was truly funny. Dabney Coleman plays a perfect asshole.

Closest I can come off the top of my head is Better Off Ted.

It lasted two seasons, so mine doesn’t count. I’m still gonna post it anyway, because I’m still pissed they canceled it.

Like ivylass, my vote is for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Apparently no one else in the world watched/liked it, but I thought there was some very good stuff happening in that first season.

I also would have liked to see more than two seasons of Sports Night, but once Sorkin left to do The West Wing the older show was doomed.

Yes! I loved that show! And it was a little confusing when the new one started. The first one wasn’t a medical drama, though: it was about an immortal NYC homicide detective.


My guess? It was pre-DVR. Sure, VCRs were ubiquitous by then, but DVRs made it so easy. I think a lot of the people who love the show didn’t watch the original broadcast, but caught up with it afterwards.

I loved the writing, but I found the son’s pronounced overbite to be seriously distracting. Borderline annoying…which I know is a ridiculous reaction to have to a physical characteristic, but that kid took me out of the story every time he talked. I almost couldn’t understand how his mouth even worked.

I think you and Dr. Deth both conflated Forever with New Amsterdam. :slight_smile: Forever is the medical one, where the immortal is a medical examiner.

Interestingly, “Forever” is also a recycled name for a 2018 show…completely different premise, though.

No big loss, IMHO: I watched the first episode or two (or three), and didn’t find it very compelling/interesting.

I was disappointed that The Returned was cancelled after one season. The premise is that dead people come back to life, but they’re just like they were before (e.g. not zombies). It’s closely based on a French TV show, so you can conclude the series there, but I thought the US one was pretty good.

I really liked Pan Am, but I always felt that part of the problem was that it came out at the same time as The Playboy Club and they were both competing with Mad Men.

Different strokes, I guess. I binged the first season of Luck and absolutely loved it.

There’s one reason that lists like this exist - Almost Human, I agree with you, but No Ordinary Family was “a good concept that got ruined when it turned into Yet Still Even Another Family Drama” (the same with Terra Nova, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was intended all along that, in the words of Troy McClure in Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off, “It was Earth all along!”, and never mind that pretty much one of the first things they said was that they knew that it wasn’t Earth).

Another vote for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Here’s another: Alcatraz. I’m on the fence with The Mob Doctor; to be fair, the one thing I didn’t like about it - the ending - wouldn’t have happened if the show hadn’t been cancelled.

The other Judd Apatow show that only lasted one season but should not have been cancelled was Undeclared. I watched both series in their original runs and loved them both. And they both had amazing casts.

A more obscure one; MTV had a North American version of the UK series Skins, but it got a lot of negative attention and only lasted a single season. I really liked the UK original and hoped the American adaption would succeed as did earlier adaptions of Being Human and Shameless (two other UK programs that I liked quite a bit and were successfully adapted in the US).


The language that came out of Donal Logue’s mouth was amazing at times. Laura Allen also appeared in the aforementioned Awake but that isn’t really on my list of shows canceled too early.

Hanks did a pretty good job as the straight man to Whitford’s lunatic, I thought. I enjoyed the show as well- it was fun and didn’t take itself too seriously. And actually filmed on location to some degree, and got a lot of places here in town right.

OMG yes! I loved that show! I’ve rewatched the series at least once. One of the few shows where I never skip past the opening theme (*Treme *being another). :slight_smile:

I didn’t hate *The Playboy Club *either, but didn’t want to mention Playboy Bunnies and stewardesses in the same post…

The fascinating reality show Utopiawas canceled before it got far into its season. They kept the live feeds on for quite a while, luckily.

Alien Nation. While there were several TV movies done some years later, they failed to capture the tone of the series.

And another vote for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

That reminded me of Forever Knight, an interesting detective series where the lead character is a secret immortal, but it turns out to have run longer than I remembered–3 seasons, 70 episodes. Maybe I was conflating it with Moonlight, an interesting detective series where the lead character is a secret immortal that lasted only 16 episodes.