shows you loved but only had one season vs shows that drag on forever

The topic here are shows that were cancelled after one season or less and shows that seemed to go on forever that you hated. I think the second part is more important back when there were a limited number of channels so a show taking up a timeslot was far more painful.

Like for example shows that I hated that seemed to go on forever include, Married with children, two and a half men, and Captain Planet.

Shows that only got one season includes firefly. I know there are others I just can’t think of other good shows that got cancelled, probably because they were on such a short time.

All right, I’m the first to admit liking Gidget –

Was gidget on only on one season? I remember my sister watching that all the time in the 80s.

Edit: Wow it was only one, admittedly long (32 episodes), seasons.

I liked Logan’s Run and, much more recently, Forever. I also really liked Quark but I’m not sure it would hold up for a re-viewing for me.

Does The Prisoner count?

Because The Prisoner.

Wonderfalls only had one season. Pushing Daisies got two halves of a season, by some calculations.

Firefly is the epitome.

My top 5 one season wonders (in no particular order), excluding Firefly:

  1. No Ordinary Family
  2. Flashforward
  3. The Tick
  4. The Cape
  5. Terriers
    Honorable Mention: Journeyman, John Doe, Freaks & Geeks, Almost Human, Action

Lots of shows go on ‘forever’ that I’ve no interest in. That said, Married with Children is still my all-time favorite sitcom. From this point on, your opinion on any and every subject is suspect and likely very, very, very wrong.

Twin Peaks…

Breaking Bad was over in like 3 episodes, but Jesus how they dragged it out.

I know you said one season, but I really liked Dead Like Me, which was cancelled after its second season.

Keen Eddie. One season, and not all episodes aired IIRC.

Oh! I almost forgot Middleman.

The Ben Stiller Show
Boomtown (the first season was great, then they ruined it in the second season and cancelled it)
The Chicago Code
Clone High
Dollhouse (okay, it lasted two seasons)
Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
Freaks And Geeks
Trophy Wife (not a brilliant show but it was consistently funny)

  1. Firefly - duh
  2. Terriers - nothing to do with dogs. Please watch this and then cry that it was cancelled.
  3. Almost Human - Wow, Karl Urban’s cop/robot show was great. Huge opportunity lost.
  4. Wonderfalls - I love this show. So glad the actress reappeared on Hannibal.

Shows that ran way over that I love?

  1. Supernatural - the new king of this. I still love it, but it is way past its prime. Season 12 premieres in a month or so. Yes, 12.

  2. X-files - duh. The dethroned king. I actually like season 8, but 9 was dreadful.

  3. The Office - it was really funny. Then it really wasn’t. And it lasted a few more years of dead air.

  4. Simpsons - I forgot this was on. Maybe this is the king. I literally could wipe out 20 years of this and be fine.

Selfie. It just got better and better, then yanked.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.
Deadwood. (I know, it got three seasons, but it was cut down before its time.)
I could’ve used another season of the original Star Trek as well.

If we’re going back all the way to the 1960s I’m going to nominate two smart, sharp, funny shows that didn’t make it.

He and She

My World and Welcome to It

I suspect neither one would be any more successful today than they were back then (MWAWTI was based on James Thurber, who even then had was considered to have an animus against women) but I’d rank the chemistry between Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss (who were married IRL) almost as high as Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore.

A few of my favorites besides Pushing Daisies made it into 2 seasons, but still didn’t live long enough.
Sports Night (the Aaron Sorkin one)
Don’t trust the B in Apartment 23
Up All Night- season 1 was funny

My So Called Life was ahead of its time and would have made it on Hulu or Netflix these days.

Two Broke Girls and Grey’s Anatomy on the other hand, refuse to leave. What’s up with that.


Also gotta nominate Kolchak: The Night Stalker and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (alias My Partner, The Ghost in the States, AND not to be confused with the not nearly as good Reeves and Mortimer remake that ran from 2000-01).

I can’t believe I forgot this one. I loved that show. “Hi, I’m Eddie. How do you like me so far?”