Shrek 2 7.7 on IMDB? Gimme a break...

It’s bad enough that the first Shrek has an 8.1, but at least that’s a decent movie. I would probably give it a 7.5 myself.

But Shrek 2…wow, what a horrible piece of crap that was. It was one anachronistic “in-joke” after another set to modern music that just totally ruined the whole atmosphere of the fantasy for me. Not only that but the story was a predictable, incohesive, unfunny glob of…bluck.

I’m getting really fed up with this new attitude of “It’s a KID’S movie, with subtle ADULT humor! Hahaha! 10 out of 10!” I mean, Finding Nemo has an 8.3 right now. An 8.3! It is currently ranked as the 80th best movie of all time. It was a decent movie - not even as good as the first Shrek - that deserves somewhere between a 6.8 and a 7.2.

I guess this trend started when it was somehow deemed “cool” for adults and teenagers to like Toy Story, but it’s got to end soon. I mean, these are decent movies, but call them what they are: kid’s movies.

Finding Nemo deserves to be ranked much higher than either of the Shreks.

On the other hand, I thought the first Shrek was amusing but wildly over-rated but I loved Shrek 2 and laughed hysterically through most of the movie, as did the rest of the packed theatre. To each his own, I guess.

And Finding Nemo is one of the best animated family films ever made.

so they’re kid’s movies. no need for decimals. four stars for everybody! they’re all good, and the latest is always the best. the Incredibles beat them all as the Nemo and Shrek huggables have already been forgotten.

See, I just don’t consider Finding Nemo to be a “family film”. I consider Star Wars and Indiana Jones and The Princess Bride to be family films. I consider Finding Nemo to be a children’s film.

I actually think Finding Nemo is a perfect family film, not least because it explicity deals with the family. Also, lots of children’s films deal with issues such as a child’s fear of abandonment but FN actually deals with a parent’s fears of losing a child and empty-nest syndrome. I thought it was a well-executed twist on typical children’s movie themes that managed to speak to children and parents without condescension or pandering either. Plus Ellen DeGeneres was a hoot!

Do I need to hand in my social insurance card or driver’s license if I really enjoyed Finding Nemo or Shrek? Honest, I didn’t know they were just children’s films.

Is there special counselling I can attend?

I knew someone would say this. Read the OP. I liked Shrek and Finding Nemo. There is, however, a huge different between liking something and giving it an 8.3.

Really? So… Let’s say someone made the best children’s film in history. But it’s just a ‘children’s film’. Adults don’t even like it. What kind of rating should it get?

Does this also apply to other genres? Can westerns get a rating higher than 8 or so, given that they are ‘just westerns’? How about Science Fiction movies?

Just what movies qualify for perfect marks?

Yeah, that’s a real new trend. I mean, look at Bugs Bunny, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Popeye–all those old cartoons. They never made any jokes that flew over the kids’ heads and made the adults laugh out loud.


I think what he’s trying to say (and if not, this is my opinion) is that people are getting swept up in this “children’s film with subtle jokes” thing and losing perspective. Yes, it’s clever, but honestly looking at the range of movies created, finding nemo shouldn’t be even close to 80th. This is also, in my opinion, how Hey Ya got 180th on the 500 all time list. Man that annoyed me…

At least they gave The Iron Giant a higher rating than Shrek 2. Just barely, though. TIG has a 7.8 and S2 has a 7.7.

I also think that The Iron Giant should be rated better than Finding Nemo.

I think there tends to be a bias on IMDB towards newer films. When a film comes out, a higher proportion of people go to see it because they think they’ll like it. When the film starts showing on TV a wider range of people will see it, and the rating will probably slip a bit.

A lot of people went to see Shrek 2 because they really liked the first one. I predict its rating will slip a bit over the next few years.

I last looked at the IMDB movie ratings a few years ago. When Harry Met Sally had a much higher rating than Gone with the Wind. I haven’t been back since.


Online polls are the height of non-scietificity (I made up a word!).

That’s a fair cop. Both were schlock.

Shrek 2 a 7.7 seems about right to me – a fairly amusing diversion, but nothing of long-term noteworthiness.

Everything by Pixar, on the other hand, deserves nothing less than 9.0 or better. :smiley: I am constantly amazed at how they can produce true “family films,” meaning films that the entire family can watch and enjoy together.

He’s also saying that it’s just a children’s film, rather than a family film. An enjoyable movie, but still just a kiddie flick.

And I have to disagree with that assessment.

I agree in part that IMDb has some oddly inflated ratings, but if it is a great movie, it is a great movie. SHrek2, in my opinion was not worthy of such a high mark. Nemo was better, but I don’t think it is a top 100 film all-time.

But I wouldn’t hesitate to rate a movie highly simply because it is targeted at children (even with sly adult humor).

I have no problem with the Toy Story rankings (though I prefer the original to the sequel).