Shrimp, halal or haram?

According to Islamic dietary law is it ok to eat shrimp. A sufi friend of mine says that there is dissension among followers of Islam over this point. A quick web search reveals that there is indeed no clear consensus on this point. Does any doper out there know what it says about this in the Quran?

This site seems to have a pretty comprehensive description of halal food laws. AFAICT, the only sura of the Qur’an that would be directly relevant to shrimp is 5:96, “Lawful to you is the game of the sea and its food, as a provision for you”; this is generally interpreted to mean that fish is okay. Apparently the reason for controversy about shrimp is that it is not quite fish (there may also be issues about the fact that shrimp eat carrion, which makes a land animal haram according to various hadith and fiqh interpretations). If the Islamic jurists have not resolved this one in centuries of consideration, I doubt that it’s going to be definitively settled any time soon. I’d say, if you want to be on the safe side, ixnay on the impshray.

I’m going to bump this once on the off chance that someone has something to add.