Shrimp showing up in containers of water set outside after a heavy rain

I used to notice this in my old pool years ago-after a heavy rain, I’d go back out a day or so later, and see some small (and usually dead) shrimp in the pool.

I just noticed some in my cat’s outside water dish-again, after a heavy rain.

Where do they come from? Are the eggs large enough to be drawn into the sky from some other body of water (I do live near the ocean), fall with the rain, then hatch (and die if there’s nothing to eat or pool chemicals kill them)? Anyone else ever notice this phenomena?

I was always amazed as a kid that shrimp would appear in rain pools but only if they got so deep. They might miss several years but reappear after a heavy rain. These shrimp lived in the soil.

Mosquito larvae are the only things I see show up in dishes, on occasion dragon fly nymphs.

If you’re near the shore birds may have brought them in. They could be tracked there by humans also.

Lawn shrimp?

Dammit, FX, with your sciency crap. I’d just taken a couple pails of milk out to the lawn in hopes of scoring three or four porterhouses. Now I feel like a damn fool!