this series from Israel is streaming on Netflix now. a very nicely done series on an ultra orthodox family. try it if you haven’t seen it.

I really enjoyed it and was sad to hear they are not planning a third series.

I did not watch it but my girlfriend and her circle of friends really liked it.

I agree, nicely done, though I’m mostly satisfied with where it left off at end of S2 I do want to see a S3. But I doubt it’ll be revived again. It was really a good series, it made me laugh a lot, maybe when I shouldn’t have but I liked the characters and it was a interesting glimpse into the lives of the Shtisels, an Orthodox Jewish family in Israel.

Also, I liked Unorthodox with some of the same actors Shira Haas and Amit Rahav :two_hearts:

Not sure what language they spoke Yiddish or Hebrew?

Season 3 has been filmed and they have released a trailer

No release date, but sometime in 2021.

I really enjoyed this show. Great acting and some story lines that really dug into the heart of things. I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys dramas.

Thanks for the link! I’m glad to hear it, looks like many of the same cast members resumed their roles. I’m looking forward to it!