Shut up and apologize, you kid-killers

I’m sick of hearing of you cocksuckers whine and deepthroat the pro-terrorists polluting the halls of our government and airwaves.

On the offhand chance that you wish a dialog, you must cease your murderous equivocation and apologize for the political violence you have caused. Until then, I will quite literally not listen to what you are saying.

Please explain: Who are the “kid-killers”? Who are the “cocksuckers”? Who are the “pro-terrorists”?

Is government grammar controlling your mind? Or, can you translate your OP into intelligible English?

You’re not still trying to blame RW rhetoric for Tucson, are you? Jesus Christ, give it up already, will you? It had nothing to do with it.

That’ll settle it.

How will you know when they have apologized if you are literally not listening?

Yes, John, I’m the psycho one, not the ones who care more about not getting their guys in trouble for violent rhetoric than the violence that results.

You want the kid killers to apologize. I got that much.

OK, I apologize. But they were tasty!!

I also oppose kid-killing.

It’s true. It’s been nearly six months since conservative rhetoric inspired a murderer.


Hmmm, hot headed, reactionary, partisan, way over the top rhetoric, plus an ultimatum! Who wouldn’t want to dialogue with you?

You are what’s wrong with politics in America, dipwad. ‘You’ and ‘them’ are just reflections of each other.

But I thought it was all George Bush’s fault? Oh, wait, that is soooo yesterday. It’s now the fault of Talk Radio Opinions I Disagree With. I must get with the times.

Does the killed kid end up as curry? 'Cause I like Jamaican food.

I killed them. Then I ate their livers with fava beans, and a nice chianti.

At least we know whose rhetoric is to blame for the kid-killing.

Sorry. Got a little carried away. My bad.


And then there’s me.

I think I know what the OP is talking about:

HHHHUUUUR Palin/Beck murdered a child HURP ARF!!!1(one, 1, won)!1

I’m not even saying he’s wrong (because we’ve had enough of those threads), just that that’s what he sound like. A fucking idiot- mainly for starting this thread.

Ludovic, is there some reason you can’t discuss this in one of the 837 threads currently devoted to the subject?