Shut Up! Just Shut Up!

Shut up about Paris fucking Hilton. I don’t want to hear another word concerning this silly woman. I fail to fucking see how she is pertinent to fucking anything. Her stupidity is unthinkably overwhelming. Her stupidity has infected the entire SDMB.

So, would it be too much to ask everyone to just shut up about Paris Hilton? At least for a little while? I’m trying to get some fucking sleep over here.

I think this is the first Paris Hilton thread I’ve seen. I must be hanging out in the right forums.

What? Did someone say something about Paris Hilton? Cause you know, she’s like, totally, hawt right now! It’s so awesome how she gets famous just for going to parties and stuff, I totally want to be like her when I grow up, and I bet she gets free hotel rooms too cause she’s, like, a Hilton and stuff. She’s so totally cool and stuff, and I think that the whole entire world should be like her.
She’s Barbie come to life. I’m not surprised that people are commenting.

What’s that about Paris Hilton? Did she do something? Man, she’s hot, kind of skanky, though. So what’s up with her? What did she do? Have you seen her new TV show? Did you know she’s dating Brian Urlacher? Come on let’s dish.

BTW, the last 2 links have nothing to do with Paris Hilton. I’d click on more, but the hamsters slowed down again.

You know, if you didn’t want to read about her, you really shouldn’t do a search…

Then again, I have to agree with the fact that the whole Paris Hilton thing is getting tiring and annoying. Also, if anyone feels compelled to say “If you don’t want to read it, don’t open it”, I don’t. It’s the thread titles that pop up everywhere.

What did Paris Hilton do exactly to come out of obscurity all of the sudden?

Anyone can go clubbing. She’s not particularly good looking. She claims she just wants to be known as “Paris” so as not to use the Hilton fame. :rolleyes:

My question is serious. Why is she so popular all of the sudden?

Who the hell is Paris Hilton? Maybe I’ve been under the wrong rock, but I’ve never heard of her.

Kind of? Blecch!

I hear she is in that new movie about the inventor of the 1920’s-style death ray. Costarring those damned dancing badgers.

I think if I went to Paris, I wouldn’t stay at no stinkin’ Hilton.

Do they even have Motel 6 in France?

What kind of parents name their kid “Paris”???

Priam and Hecuba. Duh.

Must’ve been pissed off about a bad Trojan.

Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris!

Hilton, Hilton!

A skank, a skank, a skank, oooohhh it’s a skank!!


Who is this Paris Hilton person in the first place? :dubious:

Ya know, maybe if I threw that paint thinner in your eyes, Gadfly, your problems with the Paris Hilton threads would dissolve. Sound like a reasonable solution?

Contemptible Fucking Asshole.

Some dude filmed himself and her fucking. They split up, the movie ended up on the internet. About 50% of spammers now want to sell me the movie, too.

(Insert obligatory comment about spraying keyboard with coffee here)