Shut up, Tony Dungy!

I am so sick of hearing Tony Dungy run his mouth as the ‘moral compass’ of the NFL. This despicable bigot is as morally repugnant as Ray Lewis.

Tony, you’re a failure as a father and as s human being. You got damn lucky with a couple of football teams, but you provide no useful insight during your commentary.

Here’s his latest word from up on high about Jameis Winston.

I’m sure the Bucs really care what you think, after all, they fired you even with your personal hotline to Jeebus.

I can only hope that he’s caught in a sex scandal on his knees with Tim Tebow ‘praying’

A Pit thread?

How odd that he didn’t trust St. Louis’ research on Michael Sam, but simply insisted he’d be “a distraction”. Dungy is despicable.

But since you obviously DO trust the St. Louis staff, you happily accept their contention that he isn’t good enough to play in the NFL.


So you’re mad that a person who is paid to give commentary on the NFL said literally the exact same thing that literally every other person who is paid to give commentary on the NFL said about those 2 quarterbacks. That Winston was a liability because of his off-the-field issues, and that Mariota was the better looking prospect because of it?

Neither your link, nor the link that is in the story you linked to, mentioned anything about Dungy bringing up Jesus or faith or anything like that.

Did I miss something? Or is this just another vendetta you have against someone and you’re grasping at straws?

No, I trust that he wasn’t a distraction like Dungy said he’d be, which he absolutely wasn’t. (And I’m defining “distraction” here similar to what Michael Vick was to the NFL and to the Eagles. You know - that guy that Dungy vouched for over and over.)

I don’t understand the OP. Are you angry that Dungy said he prefers Mariota because of personal experience with him and off-field concerns regarding Winston? Or you’re angry that Dungy is basically OK with the Bucs taking Jameis based on their research and his respect for Lovie Smith?

Either way, his comments here are pretty harmless. He lost some face over the Michael Sam thing and I’m not really a Tony Dungy fan, but I can’t get worked up about this one.

You sit that close to Rodney Harrison all day and some stupid shit is going to rub off.

You lost me here. That is fucked up.

You might be right. I don’t watch much ESPN, and i don’t know much about Tony Dungy.

But when i’m looking for advice about adjusting the moral compass of football commentary, i do know that dalej42 is about the last person in the world i would ask.

Here’s his take on the Ray Rice issue:

Well, by that logic, Al Gore is also a failure as a father. Should he shut up forever about the environment?

But allowed himself to be used by the NFL to “rehabilitate” dog killer Michael Vick. A homosexual is more of a distraction than someone that murders dogs for sport. A complete hypocrite.

I get it, you really really disagree with my view on gold digging women. However, I don’t claim myself as a moral authority. I don’t write books or pander to right wing Christian fascists.

Tony Dungy has this smug attitude, common among evangelicals, that he’s favored by God and that God personally intervenes in his favor.

It seems like every time there’s a controversial player, NBC reaches out to Dungy. They treat Dungy like he’s a spiritual version of a Roman Emperor at a gladiator contest. Will Dungy give the player a spiritual thumbs up or thumbs down?

I know this makes Dungy look bad, but was he wrong? Who do you think would be more widely accepted in an NFL locker room? Sadly enough, I think it’s probably Vick.

If Michael Sam was JJ Watt, do you think Dungy would still claim he wasn’t worth the distraction?

You don’t have a “view on gold digging women.”

You have a disgusting and pathetic obsession with making unsubstantiated and misogynist claims about women who are involved with sports stars. Your position on the issue is despicable.

But if your moral guideline is “I’ll go along with whatever the crowd is saying” then you don’t deserve to be held up as a moral exemplar.