Siberian tiger trapped in China ..

*One of the rarest animals in the world has been found trapped in a farmer’s woodpile in snowbound northeastern China.

The Siberian tiger cub is the first to be seen in its mountainous home in the 60 years since the Communists took power in China and the discovery of evidence that the endangered animal is reproducing in the wild has delighted experts. *

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What, no picture of the cub?

Bad, bad TimesOnline.

The trapped tiger in the picture is a cub, eight or nine months old.

China, huh? He should be made into an aphrodesiac soon then.

It’s a shame that they felt the need to remove her from the area for days considering she initially came down there with her mother. i wonder what kind of relocation / reuniting success can reasonably be expected.

There’s a picture now. The tiger does not look happy.

Okay, now there’s a personal pic. This morning there was just a generic tiger picture.

Quick, somebody find out if it likes pepper, or cinnamon.

As long as they don’t try and feed it beef, it should be OK