Strange, unidentified animal in Chinese zoo

I got this off the Yahoo! Japan front page but unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any English version of this story.

Apparently a zoo in the city if Yichun, in Guangxi Province has been keeping for seven years a strange animal that is described as being half fox, half pig. A farmer caught it and brought it to the local wildlife protection agency. They didn’t know what the hell it was. They sent pictures to the provincial forestry department. Their zoologist didn’t know what it was either so they sent images to the national forestry department and they don’t have a clue either.

This blog has pictures of the creature.

Now, as some recent scandals have shown, Chinese media certainly aren’t above making up stories but I think this has a good chance of being true. It’s nice, for once, to have a story about a weird, unidentified animal where the pictures aren’t terribly blurry. Plus, if you happen to be in Yichun you can actually check it out for yourself.

(To be honest, though, to me this looks a lot like an albino raccoon dog.)

It looks like an albino bearcat AKA binturong to me.

It looks like an albino civet to me. They’re related to binturongs, I believe.