Sicilians are half black?

I am Sicilian and the other night I was told that Sicilians are half black? Someone tried to explain it that the Moors came over and thats where the origin started.

Is this true? Can someone clear it up for me? I find it hard to believe.

Someone’s been watching “True Romance” lately. And using information from that speech from the movie to mess with you.

I have no idea as to the validity of that info.

That’s such a great scene.

There’s a scene in the movie ‘True Romance’ about this, which is where your friend might have heard about this theory. I have no clue if the theory was just something written for the movie, or if there’s some basis of truth to it. I’m curious about it also, since I also have Sicilian heritage.

My dad, who was from Sicily, used to say that it was conquered by damn near everybody at some point in time, so I guess it’s possible.

The Moors are not black in the sense that modern Americans use, pace Shakespeare and Othello. Moors are Arabs, the people of northern Africa, the Muslims who invaded Spain. The word was used widely and interchageably for anyone of “swarthy” skin, true, and the name’s origin may have connections with a word meaning black, but that’s a different set of prejudices than today’s.

I don’t know whether Moors have any connection with the peoples of Sicily, but it doesn’t matter if they were never black to begin with.

In the Mediterannean, if you’re going east, Sicily is a great place to invade. If you’re going west, Sicily is a great place to invade. If you’re going south, north, or any other direction across the Mediterranean, Sicily is a great place to invade. I’d say that no Sicilian can be “half” anything at all–too many different people have been there for there to be enough of any one part to constitute a full “half”.

The True Romance speech in question is about halfway down this page.