Sidney Sheldon has died

Sidney Sheldon has died at age 89.
I got much of my early sex education from his books. :frowning:

Me too! (And plenty of misconceptions along with it.)

Books? I thought you were referring to “I Dream of Jeanie” :smiley:

The Harts will never be the same without him.

Also, since he was a Tony, Emmy and Oscar winner–as well as an author–I think this belongs in Cafe Society. Off it goes!

I never read any of his books, but his Oscar win (Original Screenplay, 1947) is probably the worst in the history of the Academy’s writing branch. The film, on its own merits, is easily the worst of the 5 nominees, but the fact that such trifle beat the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Shoeshine (perhaps the best Italian Neo-realist film ever made), and the legendary (soon to be blacklisted) Abraham Polonsky make the win that much more egregious.

It’ll be interesting to see if he’s in the Death Montage at next month’s ceremonies (since, Oscar notwithstanding, his cinematic output is fairly insignificant).

Me too! I can still remember reading Rage of Angels on a pile of sleeping bags in the storage room, so my mom wouldn’t catch me with it. :slight_smile:

I remember reading one of his books where his protagonist (A psychotherapist) mentions one of his clients is “cured”…from homosexuality.


Aw. I treasured my secret copy of The Other Side of Midnight.

I gotta tell you, for an eleven-year-old that stuff was hot. I had two that I found on my mom’s bookshelf, Bloodline and, um, I don’t remember the other one. Alls I gotta say is, day-um!

I’m pretty sure that was Master of the Game.

Or maybe I’m confusing it with the plot of the very attractive woman whos plastic surgeon purposely disfigured her so he could be with her forever and ever, amen.

I don’t know… you think that’ll work in real life? :dubious: