Sig line

just testing for length

does this fit within criteria?

You’re at the limit.

But I’m SO tickled you asked, thank you very much.

your humble TubaDiva

What about mine?

Someone has to ask: with the new T1 server, does the sig restriction still apply?

I ask for information only (for myself and others)… I, myself, gave up on sigs when I realized how dumb mine was…

Astroboy14: one of the reasons for the sig length limit guideline is that long signature lines can impede the “flow of conversation” in a thread. When you signature is longer than your post, your post can get lost in the shuffle. So the speed of the server would be irrelevant.

      • Tuba, please, just please promise that they will never allow images in sigs here. A programming board I visit did that some months back, and doubled the loading time and introduced java problems as well from broken links to java crap that don’t work right. No sig images, ever. - MC

Not too long ago, in my lurking days, I recall that many users had what appeared to be a dynamic signature, one which displayed current data as it applied to when the user quit smoking. Something like Smokefree 17 months, $1264 saved, 61 days added to my life. Was this a SDMB thing and, if so, why was it discontinued? Thanks in advance, if appropriate.

He copy-and-pasted that from some kind of countdown timer program into every post–it wasn’t a sig.

Mine, I just go in and update every week.


When we were under UBB, images in the post (though not in the sig) were allowed until they were abused. I think even HTML was allowed for a time; until it was abused also. Knowing how creative :rolleyes: some of the posters are here, I would not expect to see images allowed here again.

DrMatrix is 100% correct, as far as I can remember. Plus, images take a LOT of bandwidth. We were very reluctant to disallow images, but we got tired of telling people “NO, you can’t post that, it’s copyrighted and/or gross!” on every other post. Images can really enhance the message board. However, they can really be abused, too. Would you REALLY want to come across the infamous “stretched anus” picture in a thread? So, I don’t think that we’ll EVER allow images back in posts (barring some rich eccentric deciding to subsidize the SDMB) much less allow them in sigs. Allowing images in posts just takes up too much moderator time, as well as eating up bandwidth.

You can’t mention this without providing at least the vaguest hint of a link. I appreciate the horror and shock with which I’d discover the image unannounced, but now it’s been announced and I can’t stop wondering. I lie awake nights. Help me! Help me!

Lynn is refering to a picture (actualy a link–not that it matters) that my good friend eggo posted here a while back. It depicts a man holding open his anus, in such a way that you can see the back of his throat. Surf on over to (no, that’s not a direct link) and ask around if you really want to see it–but take my word, you don’t.

The question about image files in signatures here has been well answered (thanks again, everybody!) but just in case you gotta hear it from me I can tell you it’s a safe bet you will not see images in sigs around here.

your humble TubaDiva
Been there, done that, that’s enough.