Very vaguely whiny question

I use the “sig removal” feature, and love it. That being said, there is a certain poster that apparently pastes his sig at the end of every post. It’s not that it isn’t clever, or not funny, but I’ve read it 500 times already. I don’t want to read it again. I don’t want to put him on my ignore list, because I like reading his posts otherwise.

So, here’s the question bit. Is there a policy about keeping your sig in the sig space? Should there be?

I feel really whiny bringing this up, but it’s been bugging me.

There’s not an official policy regarding sigs other than they have to be (IIRC) four lines or fewer. That said, Mods have * requested* that sigs only be used once per thread.

Click on User CP, then go to Edit Options. There’s an option there to not see signatures.


The OP indicated that they are already using the feature. Apparently, there is somebody who is simply cut-and-pasting their witty remark onto the end of each of their posts. That person is probably unaware that they can specify a signature - the simplest solution would be to email them and politely point out to them that they can set a signature, or get an admin type to relay such a mail if they have their email turned off.

I thought that would be too forward of me. This person has more posts that I do, so I figured he’s doing it that way on purpose.
Happy if you read the OP again, I did that already.

Oops! :smack:

One of the posters that does that kind of sig is TubaDiva (Your Humble ___) , so she can vary the wording slightly to fit the situation.

Ah, but the key is that Tubadiva DOES vary the wording to fit the situation. That’s different from using the same joke over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

… and over

But… but… but… You didn’t answer my question. Is there a policy? Don’t leave me in suspense!!

No, there doesn’t seem to be a policy. But if it gets annoying enough, or the poster gets Pitted in truly spectacular fashion, or the Admins get so brassed off it comes up on the agenda of one of their secret location meetings held behind locked doors and with guards holding the leashes of snarling dobermans outside – then, yeah. It might become policy then.

LunaSea, I have more posts than you do and I have no idea how to do a sig. Of course, that is because I figure that any sig will become boring and I’m either too lazy or forgetful to keep making changes.

Go to User cp, then Edit Profile, there’s a box where you put your signature.

There’s no Policy with a capital P. There’s a preference, with a small p, not to use a sig line more than once per thread.

Maybe along with the forum FAQ we need a forum IRP – Informally Requested Policies.


IRP #4. You keyboard has a carriage return button labeled “Enter.” That’s how you create new paragraphs and keep from typing one, huge, eye-sore monolith of text. Please use it.