Sig question

How did meek put a world map in his/her sig?

Webdings, I do believe.

There’s a couple out there. Here’s one:

I’m only seeing a u with a circumflex over it.

Me too, on Firefox. I see the map on Explorer.

interesting. Yeah, I see it in explorer.

Wouldn’t that require SDMB software to recognize that font

ETA: Or my browser? I’m confused… but then again that’s not hard to do.

The SDMB has nothing to do with it. Webdings is a font. If you don’t have it installed, you can’t see it.

It looks like an icon for a generic document to me.

Firefox on a Mac

Oooooh! Firefox user here. I noticed meek’s signature yesterday and was trying to work out what was so significant about “û Take Care”. Switching to IE just now to check, I finally see what it was meant to look like.