Did the font change? What's up with the W?

All of a sudden it looks like the Dope is being typed on an old-timey manual typewriter with a worn-out ribbon. All the W’s are faint and fragile.

Does anyone else notice this, or am I nuts? (rhetorical questions, I assure you)

How did this happen and how do I fix it?

The Ws have always been weird. They have been discussed before. It probably depends on the zoom level you are using. They are fainter at some zooms (in Firefox, anyway).

I am not seeing any recent changes though. It must be your browser settings.

They look faint on my PC at work, using Exploder. They look fine at home on Safari.

How Og fix? Have rock.

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Nothing has changed on the SDMB side of things. What browser are you using, and has it updated itself lately? This only seems to affect certain versions of certain browsers (and maybe only on certain OS versions).

I’ve never noticed it on FF, either on the little desk monitor at work, or my large one at home. I did try Chrome at home once, and couldn’t stand the way text looked on any website, not just the Dope. It looked - smeary - is the best I can describe it. Since I spend a good amount of time here just reading sometimes, I need text to be crisp and clean. It really is a large part of the reason I keep sticking with FF. Sometimes I switch to Chrome for YouTube videos, but the text still looks all blocky and stupid.

I found these to be … helpful.