'W' and 'V' Look Faded On My Computer Screen.

I just noticed something today on the SDMB. “W” and “V” look a little faded on my computer screen. Every other letter apparently seems fine.

Has anyone else noticed this?

What could be the cause of this? It doesn’t seem to be a serious flaw. And everything else seems just fine, as I said.


Have you changed or updated anything on your computer? Changed browsers? Installed any new fonts?

Is the zoom level in your browser set to normal (sometimes zooming can make fonts render weirdly) - to reset it, try pressing <Ctrl>zero (works in all the major browsers)

I have this problem also after my computer did automatic updates Sunday night. I think it’s related to another problem discussed in another thread about SDMB Visual Changes (IE11)

Adjust (or readjust) your ClearType settings. It’s a text enhancement feature built into Windows displays.

MEWA: ClearType is under Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization | Display, left hand menu. It’s worth taking a few minutes to set it, if you’ve never bothered.

Wouldn’t it be useful to find out what OS and browser the OP is actually using before offering suggestions?

This technically is more of a General Questions issue.

So that’s where it’s going.


I don’t have any helpful advice but if it makes you feel better, Jim, you’re not the first person to suffer this.

Yes I see it too (and I have Clear Type on). I think it is just a mater of the way the pixels are arranged in the particular font used by the SDMB. Diagonal lines as in W and V cannot be fully filled in with pixels at relatively small font sizes. If you use the Windows Magnifier you should be able to see what is happening. Possibly turning Clear Type off would fix it, but that is probably not a good idea as all the other letters will look worse.

The effect will go away if you increase your browser font size sufficiently (Cntrl+), and possibly also if you decrease it (Cntrl-), but at what is the sweet spot size for me, V and W do indeed look a bit faded. I am not sure if it is possible for users to change the SDMB default font. If so, that might well work too.

The user base is 90%+ Windows and most OSes and browsers have equivalent technology. I’d rather make a useful suggestion that might move things forward than spend two days discussing which video driver he might be using. :slight_smile:

Well, I for one welcome our new font overlords who have verily provided us with this new multi-intensity-valued way to show the various letters of the alphabet. It appears that my browser wants to display the letter Y as well as W and V in this variant style.

S[COLOR=Gray][COLOR=LightBlue]mar[/COLOR]t ass.[/COLOR]

Not really. It’s a question about how the SDMB renders thing to those who have recently updated to IE11.

Moved back to ATMB.

It is nothing to do with IE11. I see the effect in question in Firefox, and I have been aware of it for a long time. As I said in my previous post, I believe it has to do with the pixel map of the default font in which the SDMB is displayed. I do not know, however, whether or how this font can be changed, either by a user or the board administration. In any case, the matter is of little importance. It does not significantly impact readability.

You could fix it by using IE11

No, I see it in IE11 too. As I said earlier, its salience depends on the font size (on the zoom), but the effect appears in both IE and Firefox. I haven’t tried in other browsers but I would be quite surprised if it does not occur in them too. It is not a browser issue, it is a font issue.

It was a joke, related to my post in the other IE11 thread, I don’t like to use smileys because it feels too obvious.

It’s the way you tell 'em, I guess.

Well, I’ve moved it back to General Questions since it has to do with general computer issues.

samclem, moderator

Actually no. Not if what I have said is right (and no one is really contradicting me). It is a result of the font the board uses, and very likely can only be fixed (if at all) at your end, by changing the default font.

Although, as I have also said, it does not really matter much.