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updated sig

updated sig

Jes’ checkin’ mine.

IMDB galaxies in collision.


test me too

My first post anywhere, on anything.

uh-oh. Said the “F” word.

Case of beer.

checking link in sig:

You probably want to replace the “#newpost” part of the URL in your sig. The “#newpost” anchor is temporary and moves around. What you need on the end of your URL is “#post1134068”. I think that is the post you are trying to point to.

I think it should look like this:

Apparently I’m a crack smoking whore with the intelligence of a chicken And a merfag as well.:rolleyes:

Then you can be called a “crack smoking whore” fair and proper.


Actually, it should be "postid=1134068#post1134068 " I think, I’ll check it now.

You can use either method. The part after the “showthread?” is the search criteria. The “postid=1134068” or “threadid=59965” both pull up the same thread. One searches for a thread by that number, the other searches for the thread that contains that post number. I would think that the use of the threadid is less stress on the system since it is a smaller index.

The #post1134068 part is what repositions the display to that particular post. It’s the anchor name and tells the browser where to position the display.

So, both this:
And this:
End up at the same post.

I prefer using the threadid method, since it is the same whether you are referring to a thread or a post in a thread. If you want to go to a particular post, just add the “#post000000” part onto the end of what you already have.


Hmm, interesting. Does bolding not work within the [ sub ] tags? The usernames in my sig are supposed to be in boldface text, but it doesn’t show when I preview…

Italics worked fine…

Doesn’t show when I submit it, either.

sig test

It looks fine to me, AudreyK. Perhaps it’s a browser or OS issue? I’m using Netscape Communicator 4.74, under Windows 2000.

Nothing witty here. Just a first post test.

Might be an OS issue. I’m running Mac OS 9. Last night, I posted those posts using IE 5. I just checked them with Communicator 4.6, and the usernames still weren’t in boldface. Phooey.

Thanks, Chronos. :slight_smile:

[sub]This is a test[/sub]** - [sub]This is a test (with bold)[/sub]**
[sub]This is a test (with bold)[/sub]

There seems to be only a very slight difference between subscript with bold and without.


Thing is, I could’ve sworn that subscript boldface text was just as dark as non-subscripted boldface text before.

Hope I wasn’t imagining that. :slight_smile: