Signature test thread.

I’ve noticed, while reading old threads, that people mention their sig, but what they say about it doesn’t match what I see. I suspect that the signature doesn’t become part of the post, but is generated on the fly based on the poster’s current sig, rather than what they had at the time of the post. To test this, I’m posting with a sig, changing the sig in my profile, then reloading this thread to see if it’s the original sig, or the changed sig that shows up on the second reading. Here goes…

Yep, it attaches the current sig, rather than the one that was in your profile when you posted.

I changed it twice, and looked again each time, just to be sure. Yes, it changes on each viewing to match what’s currently in your profile, rather than what you had in there at the time you posted.

Oh, so you have to check the box saying to show your signature if you want to show it. I’m testing this now (and hoping I’m not hijacking the thread too much.)

You can’t hijack a test thread. By definition, the only posts that actually matter (for testing purposes) are the posts by the OP testing his/her hypothesis. Anything you add is either another experiment, or humor gravy.

Now change your sig, and see that it changes in your post. You’ll prove or disprove my conclusion.

[Darth Vader voice]“Join in my experiment with power, young Emily. Come to the dark side. We have cookies!”[/Darth Vader voice]


umm… I don’t see sigs on EITHER of your posts:confused:

You can only see others’ sigs while you are wearing the One Ring.

Or at least have ‘show sigs’ set to ‘on’. Someone want to to tell that poster how? I can’t be arsed.

Under the quick reply box - tick show your signature
Advanced - underneath in miscellaneous options tick show your signature

The hell I can’t.

Anyone else like the movie Gravity?

ETA: I can add “show sig” when editing.

Take this thread to Havana, NOW, or I shoot the goat.

I stand corrected, sir. We will be landing at José Martí International Airport, Havana, Cuba, in 47 minutes. We hope you haven’t been too inconvenienced by our attempting to fly to our originally scheduled destination at Miami International Airport, Miami, FL. We hope you will consider Asshole Airlines on your next hijack attempt. Please, spare the goat.

Thank you once again for hijacking Asshole Airlines, and we hope you enjoyed your flight.

OK, I can be arsed…

Click on your user name and choose “View public profile”. Once you get there, click on ‘user CP’, then scroll down until you get to ‘Thread display options’. Click on ‘Show Signatures’. If you can’t figure it out from there, I’m not allowed to ream you for it.

Nope, just checked. It’s not the PIT. I’m still not allowed to ream you, even if you (or I) do (or don’t) deserve it…

Here’s my sig: