Sigh. Gotta bring the plants in; freeze a comin'.

Not tonight, but tomorrow night onwards. The tropicals and semi-tropicals have to come in. I also brought in one tomato that has lots of little yellow heirloom tomatoes on it. No room for everything though. The rest of my tomatoes are going to be goners. They took a little too long to develop this year. Should’ve started earlier.

How’s your garden doing?

I guess Spring is coming to the southern hemisphere. I’m jealous.

It was fine until the dog started sleeping in it and digging holes. :smack:

For me, it means moving my semi-bonsais off my porch, and putting them in among the shrubs for the winter. And bringing my Clivia and Walking Iris inside.

Where are you? It’s 81 degrees here at night. I’d love a nice cool breeze.

As for my garden, all I have is a 2 foot tall avocado in a pot.

Colorado Springs. Short growing season.

Our avocado’s 2 1/2 feet. Nah.

But I would so live in Florida.