Winter's almost over and hopefully this week will be the last frost.

Won’t it be nice when the freezing stops and you can plant your stuff? Last week I only wore my winter coat into Walmart on 2 days. Warm up damn it!

We had a nice little blizzard again today. My plants in pots are going in and out of the house on an almost daily basis. I’ve got my garden all dug and the compost mixed in, ready for planting. Now, if only it would stop freezing at night and snowing.

I too hope your frost is gone for another year Harmonious.

It’s 5:04 PM here.
Current: Sunny
Wind: W at 9 mph
Humidity: 56%

We may have earthquakes and fires, but we have a lot of nice weather in between the two. (SoCal)

It snowed here in Central NY last week and this week it was in the high 80’s. Usually we get weather extremes in March. Some years ago there was a freak snowstorm on Mother’s Day but of course it all melted within two days.

Frost? Winter? WTF is that? It’s like 85 degrees here.

I finished filling the pots with new soil and put them in their spots. The plants will stay in trays until this weekend cold spot passes. I’ll plant the pots after that maybe, depending on the forecast.

Last weekend I redid the drip irrigation lines to all the pots and window boxes. I still have to tie all the individual lines into a feed line. I laid a feed line under the sidewalk and next to the faucet this late afternoon. Hopefully I won’t have hoses all over the lawn all summer. I’m taking a feed line down to the garden beds in the back yard.

Maybe I’ll get the area around the beds completely killed off with round up, leveled and reseeded this year. I’ll be tossing hundreds of iris after they bloom and I know which ones are what color so I can save a few of each color. I’ll be clearing out hundreds of daffodils too, but people will actually plant them. I will be selling them as bulbs this fall or as potted plants next spring. You know they’re to thick when digging them up in the fall gets you a clump of bulbs the shape and size of a basketball.

Here in San Jose, I just changed our bed sheets from flannel to normal, and we should have done it sooner. It’s uncomfortably warm.

Jesus Christ, I’ll bookmark this for when I’m bitching about how hot it is. I think I’d kill myself if it were still coat weather in May.

Yay for spring! I’m looking forward to photos of your garden.

If I sent you a prepaid box would you send me some? I did a bulb swap with 3acresandatruck last year and got some nice ones from him.

We’ve been having lovely weather recently in So Cal. I still need to clear the weeds out of a couple beds and get some herbs in, but the sky is clear and it’s been in the eighties most days, so every time I start working outside I end up napping under the umbrella.

Remember the old joke: the four seasons in California are earthquake, fire, drought, and flood. So true.

I got tired last month when it was warm for weeks, and planted my tomato plants (over the objections of my mother). They took off for lovely warm :stuck_out_tongue: England so I had to text her yesterday that they were now under a foot of snow. :frowning:

We are in early summer already, low '90’s and muggy as all get out. When are we going to get around to installing climate control on this crazy planet?

My golf game last week was canceled because of snow. We’re back to “normal” now in Ottawa.

{Looks out window} Snow on the ground, -3ºC (feels like -11ºC with windchill), scattered flurries all day. We’re about two weeks away from the day when we’re supposed to be done with frosts so it’s okay to plant outside (the May 24th long weekend). This gardener is finding this to be one of the hardest to take springs on record (especially since I have a new yard that needs so much done in it).

Sure I hate to throw them out. We can talk about it in the future. Most of them are in a temporary spot right now, and starting to send up flower stalks.

I just bought 12 new delphinium for where they used to be be the flood. I haven’t been able to get the seeds to start without the mature ones in the bed.

I don’t know what the garden will look like as I’m doing a lot of work that needs to be done and plants get in the way. I have some 6 inch high peas and the carrots look like a carpet. I guess there will be a lot of thinning on those. This year I got hold of some Asian beans that grow about 36 inches long. They should be picked at about 24 inches long.

North Texas here.

Today was our first Official Hot Day - it got to over 90 F today for the 1st time this year. Normally that’s already happened - we’re having an unusually long and mild spring, considering “spring” here usually lasts all of about six hours, in between WetNGray (winter) and HotterNShit (summer, which can go for five friggin’ months).

I sorta miss having four separate, discrete seasons. Just doesn’t happen 'round these parts.

You people still have snow? I started peas and they’re already almost over! Tomatoes are in ground already and frankly a bit behind schedule. Summer’s a-coming! (dah-dum, dah-dum)

I drove through some heavy snow on Saturday, but it was in the mountains.

I need to get hubby to pop the AC unit into the window, but for now I have my windows open and enjoying the break between rains.

There were constant extreme winds today. I heard a large tree go down in a woods. The whole area outside of town is a brown haze, from all the soil in he air. I was getting grit in my eyes in the truck cab and had to pull over a couple times to fix my eyes before I drove off the road. I’m going to have to check the air filter in the truck Thursday afternoon.

Ottawa, Ontario.

We haven’t had any snow for nearly two months, its currently 18:54 at 24c for Americans that’s

It should be a great summer. Algonquin park here I come !