*sigh* It had to happen - a 24 thread (no spoilers)

Read this today. (scroll down a bit).

To quote Mr. Horse: “No sir, I don’t like it.”

time to find a new addiction.


They couldn’t just let it stand as a one-time project. It’s popular, so they have to suck every last dollar out of it, even at the expense of the original artistic vision.

Let the final descent into ultimate suckiness commence.

Argh! That’s horrible. Defeats the whole purpose of the show!
As much as I like Sutherland, they oughta just drop the whole cast for next season and start anew with a completely different storyline. Either that, or have next season be the next actual day. But I guess that would make him pretty tired…

Yeah, the first 18 episodes would be pretty boring. Nothing but everyone sleeping. Zzzzzzzz :wink:

And I agree. Bad idea to go to a traditional format.The whole premise of the show was what hooked me.
Why can’t they start fresh; new cast, new threat, new government agency. Would that put off too many people?

I was thinking that the best way to do next year’s season would have each episode in real time, even if the whole season wasn’t one day. Else have next season be one year later…maybe Jack could help out the secret service for President Palmer.
Oh well, at least there’s going to BE a next season.

I think that’s probably a good move. Judging by what’s happened partway through this season, I think the writers must be having a hard time putting together a 24-hour-long intertwined plotline. And it would stretch credibillity in the first place to have ANOTHER 24-hour stretch of his life that puts his entire family in danger like that. And again, and again…