WTF? American Idol instead of 24?

When’s the next episode of 24 going to be on? It makes me want to say “What’s going on? What’s going on?” (Stupid American Idol).

The next episode of 24 should be 2 weeks from today.

Last week, the preview for the next new episode said “In 3 weeks, an all-new 24”.

They have to skip a lot of weeks to make it end in May, since they can’t really show reruns. Although I’d prefer to watch the reruns :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice that. Why the hell is this show coming down the pipe like pee past an enlarged prostate? Is it some pitiful ploy to get people hooked into it and then sabotage the scheduling so that they’re more likely to buy the DVD release in order to fill in the gaps?

Or have they had problems with their shooting schedule?

This whole “intermittent” approach can’t be doing the ratings any good. I got a headache yesterday going through the TV guide trying to find 24. Now I’ve got to remember to look for it on February 4th.

Who do I send the hate mail to? This sucks.


Are you serious? They’re stretching it out to make it last a full season by skipping weeks? Wouldn’t it make more sense to run the filler at the end?

Well, I understood the 2 weeks off they took during the holidays, since that would have meant new episodes on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve… BUT… I agree – don’t do this to me now! We’ve only had two new ones since then!

I need my 24 fix!!!

::: pant pant pant ::: :wink:

If you started 24 the first week of November and then ran in it for 24 straight weeks, it would end in April sometime.

May is sweeps month.

This also assumes that no one will miss an episode around Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year’s.

Thanksgiving and Christmas I understand, especially since they gave us such a great cliffhanger to chew on. But goddammit I want my 24 you sons of bastiches!!!

Ah well, I got my 24 Season 1 on VHS on my way. Woo!

Next week is State of the Union. Fox can’t do much about that.

State of the Union? Bah.

Jack Bauer > GWB

GWB? Who’s that?
I thought David Palmer was President.

What they should have done was have Nina have an affair with Simon while Kelly Clarkson (is that the name of last years winner?) sings Secret Agent Man.

Paula Abdul is actually a mole for the terrorist, what with her ties to the Arab community. The big black guy should’ve run in slow motion a few times as he tries to save really bad singers from Simon’s poisoned barbs.

And then blow the whole place up.

Don’t you know FOX’s mission is to Drive as Many People Crazy as is humanly possible? All you have to do is look at their crappy programs (24 excluded) to realize that! Rupert Murdoch IS the Anti-Christ!

What? You really want to experience a David Palmer presidency? Hell, it started with an assasination attempt, went on through a messy divorce and now there’s a damned nuke in LA AND a coup attempt going on!
Give me a boring Ford administration over that…

Surely y’all didn’t think I just forgot to post a spoilers thread, now, did you? :smiley: