*sigh* There goes the seasoning

Mrs. L.A. forgot to turn off the stove after she made a grilled cheese sandwich. Twice.

Between 13 and 15 years ago I bought a well-seasoned fajita pan at a yard sale down the block. Two bucks. With a wooden serving platter yet. (I’ve never used the platter.) I’ll tell you, this thing was slick. It’s our dedicated grilled-sandwich pan, though when I’ve cooked actual food in it, the food just slid right off. Wonderful seasoning on this pan. May be the best two dollars I’ve ever spent.

And now the seasoning is mostly burned off. :frowning:


You can always get another wife. But another well-seasoned fajita pan…

Those stupid fajita pans deserve to be destroyed. Who the hell wants a sizzling “presentation” if it makes the meal suck. If you leave the meat on the plate it will be desiccated by the time you eat the last fajita. If you build all your fajitas just to get the meat off the pan, then the tortillas are dried by the time you get to the last ones, And if you ask for a plate so you can get the meat away from over cooking, while leaving the tortillas in the steamer, they look at you like you are insane.

I believe I would come close to killing someone over my 40yo ( inherited it) cast iron skillet. But, you can go get you a new cooper skillet in the as-seen-on-tv section at wally-world. Hey, they might work, have you seen the ads?

Well, we only use it for grilled sandwiches. And I’ve cooked bacon and eggs in it. I’m not all that into fajitas. (Though I wouldn’t turn them down. :wink: )

She doesn’t know where I keep the 6.5 inch Griswold skillet my mom gave me. She probably got it from her mom. It’s slicker than the fajita pan was.


My wife knows one setting on the stove. Everything she “cooks” is on FUCKIN’ HELL-FIRE high, and burnt and ruined.

And she routinely ruins my cookware. :mad:

And she never fucking turns off the goddam coffee pot! I swear to God, this place is going down in an inferno behind that Goddamn Mr. Coffee. :rolleyes:

Hey, dude them Mr.Coffees will burn you shit to the ground. The devils last names is coffee, hence ‘Mr.Coffee’.

I’m wondering if my wife has a secret second husband/family now:eek::smiley:

you will pry my aunts iron pans out of her cold dead hands because shell be buried with them
but I bought her a nice set of no stick kitchen aid pans and there burnt black…inside and out…………. thanks to her daughter

Don’t buy “nice” non-stick next time.

For an uncoated iron pan, or an uncoated steel one, it might be worth spending something for the sake of quality. But even WITH reasonable care, non-stick loses its non-stick-ity much too soon. Better to buy “just good enough” non-stick, knowing you’ll be replacing it anyway.

Same thing with serrated knives, unless you’re dedicated enough to sharpen them properly yourself, or you know you can pay someone who fits that description. 99% of ordinary people aren’t going to sharpen serrated knives properly, so why pretend. Better to have a “just good enough” one - one that’s actually sharp, because you just bought it, and won’t mind buying half a dozen more. :slight_smile:

Y’know, I’ve got a pair of pre-seasoned cast iron skillets I bought at the grocery store two years ago. I re-seasoned them once when I bought them, but haven’t otherwise fiddled with them since.

Thus far, they’ve proven completely non-stick, whether it’s omelettes, or pancakes, or thin-sliced bacon, or what have you.

I’m starting to suspect all the mumbo-jumbo about caring for cast iron is a bunch of nonsense.

This has nothing to do with the OP.

Unless it’s the OP who doesn’t know what seasoning, but I’m not sure you can even buy a “fajita pan” with PTFE or ceramic coating.

Never mind that it cost $2, so hardly “nice”.

If we ever formalized our relationship via marriage, I’d insist on a prenup that spelled out the specifics of pan care.

My wife got me one of those red copper omelet pans for Christmas last year, and I still haven’t figured out how to cook eggs in the damn thing without them sticking. Low heat, medium heat, high heat, it doesn’t seem to matter. They do NOT slide around “as seen on TV” and it’s impossible to get a spatula under them without tearing them up. :mad:

Are you oiling it? I’d never heard of these but it looks like a ceramic coating. And IME those need just a touch of fat. The briefest spritz of the spray stuff should do the trick.

The instructions say not to use any oil or cooking spray, so I haven’t. The surface is supposed to be non-stick enough on its own. My wife says she has spritzed the spatula so that it slides under the eggs easier, but I haven’t been able to get that to work either. I’ll just have to start spraying the pan, and if it ruins it, well then it was just a crap pan anyway.

I know - I should have made it clearer that I was responding just to the post directly above mine.

I wouldn’t buy a new fajita pan. As I said, I don’t make them. (There are too many other things to cook!) When I bought the pan at the yard sale, it had scrambled eggs residue in the handle; so the previous owner may have mostly cooked breakfast to build up such a wonderful non-stick surface.

It cost $2 at a yard sale, and wasn’t a quality piece to begin with; but the slippery surface was very nice indeed.